Just got hired at Fright Fest as a Ghoul

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  1. Okay, so I went to six flags for an audition to be a monster or creature at Fright Fest and got the job.

    They had me act like a hillybilly murderer. Oh my god I must have looked so stupid. But I got the job. If you dont know what fright fest is its just a theme park with a bunch of halloween type mazes with people in costumes trying to scare you.

    I applied specifically to be the slider guy. The one that dives sliding on the floor with metal plates strapped to him so it can emit a bunch of bright sparks as it rubs along the asphalt. I've never done this before in my life so its going to be fun. There was so many hot chicks auditioning to dancers and she creature stuff. Mmmmm...

    Anyways, I wanted to ask GC if anyone had any tips for me as I'm totally new to this thing. Like...scare people? I'm not sure how to do it :\
  2. Show 'em yo pimp hand. Bound to make a few flinch.

    Nah haha in all seriousness just try and think of what would scare you and project that into your "act." I'd really push for the "insane" sorta mannerisms whatever that may be lol.
  3. I did this 3 years ago at Kings Dominion!!! It's such a fucking blast! Seriously, you'll be getting paid to have the time of your life.

    I worked as a pumpkin head in a corn maze. Sat up pretty high on a couple bales of hay and would hop down behind a party as they crossed by and scare the fuck out of them.

    Just make sure you don't touch anybody. At least at Kings Dominion, that was grounds for being fired on the spot. No grabbing people to scare them. Use your voice only.
  4. Go in there. Fried off you ass. And go crazy. That's what I'd do.
  5. This sounds great :D
    Is it really that easy to scare people? Was anyone on drugs? Did people try and touch you? And what about the chicks?!
  6. Lol my grandpa almost punched one of those no-touch actors in the face once....but he's an old school Soviet Russian lol so i wasn't surprised.

  7. Hell yes it's easy to scare people! Where I worked used fog machines, and a ton of them, so I was always cloaked in fog for the most part. I've got a really deep voice so just running up behind someone and growling always gave them a fright.

    I got punched by a dude once. I think it was just an instinctual reaction, but of course he got ejected from the park and I had to speak with the police about whether I wanted to press charges or not (I didn't). It was a rather weak punch. For this reason you'll probably be told not to scare people from behind, but meh...that's the best way to scare them.

    Girls were super easy to scare of course, and some of the more vocal ones would be focused on by all the actors so it was just like a chain reaction of these girls getting the shit scared out of them.
  8. Fuuuck I'd love to do that at Knott's Berry Farm,but it's like a 2 hour drive. :(
  9. Whaaaaaaaat you guys cant even touch the people? gay
  10. Yo tell me its Six Flags in New Jersey... cause I literally already bought my tickets for Fright Fest
  11. thats pretty bad ass. whats the pay like?
  12. Are you working at the one in SA?
  13. [quote name='"Berzerker42500"']Fuuuck I'd love to do that at Knott's Berry Farm,but it's like a 2 hour drive. :([/quote]

    Knotts is close me ...... I wonder if they drug test ...

  14. Woah, not looking forward to being punched lmao.

    Oh this is Six Flags in Valencia California! And I have no idea what the pay is! It's most likely minimum wage though, I dont see why they would pay more? Im actually more excited to just be a part of it and hang out with some other workers scaring people. Who knows, they all might be 420 friendly :)

  15. I wasnt drug tested :)

    Believe it or not the employees for Fright Fest are all the rejects that couldnt land a job in the actual regular park due to tattoos or other disqualifications.

    I have a tattoo so I was a reject hahah. Now you know that everyone in Fright Fest is all the rejects. Makes perfect sense though if you ask me!
  16. I went to one of those things and there was a maze that was pitch black called like "The Abyss" but I called it "The Anus" because I am a pervert. The actors were supposed to flash a strobe light and scare you. But, it didn't work for me since I always by mistake knocked them over. I felt so bad for this one girl, she was so small and I basically ran her over... I picked her up, hugged her, and told her I was sorry... Which was funny because she looked like a goblin or something.
  17. You scare people you at the 1 in nj? I walk thru those things like a boss dont scare me i know its fake 1 guy had a chainsaw people were going beserk and i tried to high five him

  18. I call bullshit, you are telling me the guys at the theme park with the chainsaw isn't actually trying to kill me and they're all actors?

    no fucking way, what's next, are you gonna try and tell me santa isn't real?

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