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Just got high, now what?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cypresshill18, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. What are yalls favorite things to do when high? lately I can't even listen to music or watch tv I get so zoned out I forget that there even on
  2. playing video games is always a good one.
  3. apprentice tokers section is where this belongs...

    i'll get high, play MW3 or GTA 4. usually i'm so baked i cant even focus on MW3 so i'll just get raped, thats why GTA is always fun to play when high.

    watch movies, look interesting shit up on the internet, like the meaning of life, eat food and drink delicious refreshments
  4. Sex is amazing, gaming, tv, eating, talking...

    Well come to think of it, everything is fun when ur high. But those listed above are my favs.

  5. Funny, I play better on fps games when i'm high. Lately, I have been getting worse when sober. When I see an opportunity it's like I get a brain freeze. I am super stressed and dealing with some physical anxiety from some life stuff right now so I think thats why. My golf game has suffered tremendously as well.

    And wow... I thread jacked like crazy. :rolleyes:
  6. Anything you normally do. Stimulate your mind!
  7. I like getting on the bus high, Do it most days ion the way to college. Get to look at all the people on the bus in a different light.
  8. Best to do when you're high? Start rolling another joint. The high goes away as soon as it comes, keep it tokin.
  9. It depends on the strain, if I come across a good sativa I'll play better, but most of the time I pickup indicas and just get too baked to really focus lmao.
  10. just turn the volume on ur speakers all the way up and vibe to ur favorite tunes
  11. i like to re-enact Reefer Madness and kill some people, just like all stoners.

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