Just got high... now what?

Discussion in 'General' started by NorthernBlues, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. so i just got high... gonna go out later and smoke some more with a friend but he doesnt finish at his job for another 3 hours

    tell me something awesome to do high :smoke:
  2. Post on a forum
  3. sounds good, don't mind if i do... not sure if an hero is a good idea though, any other ideas?
  4. play some video games half naked with the volume blasting while eating peanuts throwing them up and catching them with your mouth...

    just sayin..
  5. Listen to the album Invasion by Manilla Road
  6. Listen to the album Zoetrope by L U S T M O R D
  7. im second on the blowjob list
  8. just sit there. dont do anything.
  9. Do all your laundry, bedding, vacuum and clean the bathroom.
  10. play wii pinball.
  11. hahaha this is funny because sometimes the only time I'll get extremely motivated to do chores around the house is when im blasted.. I'll start looking around and seeing a mess so i just get up and start doing everything while actually enjoying it lmaoooooo.. this doesnt happen when im sober though :D
  12. i read the thread title and i was like you read my mind
    then i read this and i was like i playin wii asap
  13. ikr its awesome. you just sit there and make all the lights blink and sounds going nuts, lol. nothing better when your stoned.
  14. Drive you vehicle to the nearest gas station and get a shit tonne of candy. Then park it across the street from a near by school and offer it to all the kids who want to chill with you. Kids are awesome!
  15. Go for a run
  16. Sit down, and think. Think until your brain hurts. Philosophize.
  17. lol take it from the last thing you wanna do is Philosophize when your high bro. check out all the threads in the religion and philosophy section, you'll end up like that lol.

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