Just got hash guys, need help

Discussion in 'General' started by JaCkT794, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Hey GC, so earlier i got just over a gram of hash for £8 ($16)

    I was going to buy more, but iv never smoked hash, just bud. So anyway, the thing is its REAL hard to crumble. I mean, every time i heat it and try to crumble, it doesnt really work. So after about 20 minutes of trying to get it to crumble, a little bit did. So anyhow i rolled a nice j, and was smoking and it worked fine. But then, it wouldnt light! Now, i dont mean it took a while to light, it just didnt! It was like trying to set fire to metal!

    Its real hard stuff, its black and inside just a little bit brown. I was wondering if this is a problem? Im pretty much a noob to hashish, like i say in only really smoke weed.

    What should i do?

    thanks guys,
  2. Bowl/Bong/Vape it
  3. if ur in the uk like me mate its prob just soapbar or rocky its just a bit of hash mixed with all sorts of shit mixed in with it thats y its so dark and hard to crumble try a rock of it in pipe/bong/vap.
  4. Cheers mate, yeah it probably is. Only thing is i dont have a bong pipe or vape :(
  5. make a home made?
  6. Do you have a cam? Take a pic?
  7. Yes; take a pic.

    Hash joints? Without filler/weed?


    If you have a cigarette and a waterbottle or something you could do bot tokes.
  8. I smoked it. I eventually got tired and just put it in a homemade bong. Bit shitty
  9. You could put like 1/3rd hash 2/3rd weed into a joint, that would probably work.
  10. if ya can't make a good homemade bong then I'd just make a pipe. Easier.

    Yea I just kinda made a few small BB sized balls and stuck it in a bong. Smoked it like resin...keepin the flame on it. Seemed to fill up with smoke better that way..

    I've only smoked about 4g of hash but I was happy with it every time. Stuff stretches good. Get a lot more out of a gram then with bud.
  11. if it is soap bar mate 8quid a gram is bit expensive i pay £25 an eighth for good afghan and pakistan squidgy and that works out 7 quid a gram
  12. Yeah thats what i was thinking mate i think i got a bit ripped

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