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Just got fired...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheSingingStoner, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Congrats on getting your old job back, sounds like a better deal.
    Seems like getting fired is a blessing in disguise.. Still, it's ridiculous. Shows how out of whack things have become.

  2. Don't listen to the last comment about keeping fake urine, instead bring real urine from somebody that you know is clean. Most people want to watch you pee as much as you want to watch them pee.

    So far the situation has always been go in the stall and do your thing and let me know when you are done.
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  3. I been in culinary \kitchens since 17 I'm 28 now.
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  4. Fake piss works fine.

    Use fake urine because real doesn't last a day so you can't keep real urine 24/7 on you ready for a random test, and it's illegal for anyone to watch you piss without your consent or a court order; I've taken tons of tests for a ton of things between college and employment and I've never had a single person even ask to watch me piss.
  5. Fuck that job you can do better.
  6. She can't sue. Her company had a drug test policy she agreed to by taking the job, it's still federally illegal and not to mention probably required by the companies insurance policy, they have their ass covered I'm sure. I give drug tests where I work. People who fail are always saying they're going to sue but never can. They have no ground to stand on.
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  7. Yeah, you can't sue if you read the fine print you consented to taking random drug tests. Even if you didn't at the time of hiring they can change their policies at anytime and aren't required to even tell you about it.
  8. Ha! i'd feel like an ass letting people go for failing a test that I couldn't pass either.
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    Who said I do...incase of a major accident my hands are tied, they will be sent to a lab/hospital but I'm pretty cool else wise. Minor accidents could of "happened at home". So when someone gets a little boo boo and I ask where did it happen they'e. Smart enough to take care of it themselves. As long as the person's a good worker and I see a clean sample I really don't care how that sample got there during tge hiring process. My ass is covered once the paperwork is done. If they're not smart enough to substitute that's not my problem..... doesn't bother me a bit. I do a job I love and it' just part of the game. If I wasn't in this position someone else would be that doesn't turn a blind eye. I don't even random though I can. If someone is doing a drug I don't want around I always give the option of just quiting. Fk bro, I grow. I give half my crew weed, edibles, concentrates. I'm the boss stoners dream of in a line of work where testing is common place.
  10. Right on, that's cool you'll let people cheat on their tests. I dunno if i would give my employees weed personally. people can change real quick. I guess I agree if you aren't smart enough to cheat on a drug test you shouldn't be working in a environment where you can hurt yourself or others.
  11. I pick my crew. Most of my core crew have been with me for over 10 years, some pushing 20. We're a small knit group for the most part. We pick up a few local workers when we move into an area but usually I know them or I know someone who knows them. Lot of these guys I've grown up with or have known my whole adult life. I vacation with these guys, party with them, fish, hunt, ..........Im ok with giving my friends weed.

    When I do get a new hire I don't know I play it more by ear. In commercial construction we move around alot. Core crew stays with, we hire on an as needed basis outside of that. If you haven't worked for us in 30 days our insurance requires drug tests. It's not uncommon to hire the same guy 3 or 4 times a year for different jobs within the company. Guys love my jobsites since they know me and know there's no worry. I'm 52 been doing this for 30+ years, been growing almost as long
  12. Man that sucks
    Think of all the people you will serve and maybe one if them can get you a job. Its a great way to showcase you abilites

    Last time I had to take a drug test it was at court
    I had smoked a bowl before I went and the judge called me up. Told me I had to do a drug test, I told him not to bother, before I knew it I was sitting in the back of the courthouse and then in the van heading to county..fuckn sucks.
    At least I had a good buzz going until I got settled in. I think I stayed for three weeks that time??
  13. Any chance your doing any work in the Houston area?
  14. no. I keep out of the South except to see family. Pays better north of the Mason/Dixon. Several on my crew are transplanted southerners
  15. I want Waffle House now.....

    Even though the people at this Waffle House here are pretty mean
  16. i ran a kitchen for 8 years. now i fix commercial kitchen equipment and refrigeration. i love the atmosphere but really hated the hierarchy involved when working with a franchise with investors and a nosey corporate associates.
  17. i had to let some people go because they got caught smoking weed by the cops. it was heart breaking.
  18. When life gives you chicken carcasses, make bone broth soup.

    Best of luck.
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  19. true, Things are cheaper down here....
  20. Yeah but what about if you have a legitimate medical recommendation. I literally, can't even move my fingers without being high. Haha.. like if you read that in a book or sum'n aww..

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