Just got far cry 3 :(

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  1. So I just picked it up there's about 250 people online and the graphics are awful :( oh dear
  2. crank up the graphics and play story, bonus points for mods.
  3. On 360 :( lol but playing single player now graphics seem slightly better but I just dunno man
  4. You're playing on 2005 console and you're complaining about graphics?

    Many games run better offline, so I wouldn't be surprised if they stripped something off from mp.

    I liked far cry 3, a bit easy without mods though.
  5. Granted its a old console but bf3 n black ops. 2 still look alright never mind should have rented it first I guess :(
  6. the games empty online until after four o clock. when all the kiddies get off school. Its a great game though, i just maxed it out. woot!
  7. Maxed it out online or single player. I got bored of the single player after about a hour. And multiplayer just seemed like the frame rated erred dropping and not too good all round.

    I really wanted to like this game but I guess il just get bf3 again as black ops is extremely annoying.

    And no offence to kids but I wanna play with more people my age why I hate cod so much everyone screams lol
  8. u think the graphics suck? they're a big step up for 360 man, the island looks great

    and how the hell did u get bored of the story mode?
  9. I have no idea I guess it's just cos u seem to be wandering around I don't really get it haha

    Granted single player the graphics look alright especially as you say the island does look lovely
  10. I don't care what anyone says, the 360 is capable of some great graphics :smoking:

  11. both level 75 in mp 100 percent in sp
  12. alienssssss feb 12th cant wait
  13. Your mistake is not getting it for PC, crank the graphics up on a decent rig and you won't be complaining about shit.
  14. Yeah tbh the game don't seem bad multiplayer definitely seems far worse in graphics im sure that I'm not just going mad.

    Single player looks very good and it don't seem a bad game just I don't know if its for me I'm trying to find people to play with so think I may fair better by getting battlefield 3 and may even get cod 4 again

    Tbh j think I'm pretty sick of Xbox and really need to up my game and move into pc gaming only to go back to consoles if they ever surpass and pc gaming dies out which I guess is highly unlikely.

    However when I done research a while back when I was going to move to pc gaming i kept reading forums / websites etc saying that pc gaming had faded right out and there wasn't any competitive scene any longer and consoles were the way forward and I again stuck with consoles :(
  15. Gonna take far cry in Tomorrow but now I'm in the dilemma do I get bf 3 or halo 4 had both but want a good fun game with a good active social community damn war to do :(
  16. graphics dont mean shit....its about the gameplay
  17. I think farcry 3 is a good game. The multiplayer isnt great but it can be fun when get the hang of it.

    Story and co-op is where the real fun resides.
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    Stop playing online. play the story....

    and 360 is old as fuck, PC owns it in every aspect.....

    Also the MP is really glitchy and UBI continues to do patches to try and fix shit. Ubisoft is a really shitty team and fuck up a lot. There were probably a couple hundred accounts hacked over the new years on their Uplay client and mad people were getting super mad. Servers continue to go down daily for many of their games.

    compared to what? lol

  19. This is going to sound dumb but are you displaying through 720p+ TV?
  20. Yeah my tv is a 1080p so runs the highest capable of Xbox / game and I played a bit of the story but just don't think it's for me as I said as I also said I prefer mp games as I get bored solo gaming :(

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