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Just Got Em

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ToKeN NiNja, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. havnt been on here in awhile sup ppl?.....anyways i just got my court papers 2 days ago, and i have some kinda good news i guess....well since its my 1st offence and shit...there only gonna give me like 4-5 months i guess thats kinda good and ill pass my base less ua's...

    --The True NiNja

    ( )( )
    ( o.0) Bunny! (lmao)
  2. thats always good news. waht did u do?

    i have to goto court soon too. for assualt, cause i punched somebody :-\ ..he started it lol
  3. Aren't we some bad chaps. I'm on probation now for Resisting Law Enforcement, Minor Consumption, and Criminal Misteif (I broke a peice of privacy fence). I ran b/c I had a !/2 Oz. I got 1yr. Unsupervised probation and a Community Transition class. I call in everyday and go to a class once a week. Fu?k The police!!

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