Just got dumped.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Scary Mary, May 10, 2011.

  1. Fuck... This punched in the gut, heartachy feeling needs to GTFO.

    Ain't love a bitch? Time to smoke.
  2. Pack, light, and rip. And all of it goes away.
  3. I am a her.
  4. I myself have dealt with issues like so, and in time, anything can be shed like water.

    Pack a bowl of the finest, and in the smoke, discover the real priorities of life. If she isnt with you, that just means she misses out. :)

  5. lol the OP is a she
  6. Fuck love, get money.
  7. bummer dude, dont worry tho thang good always happens, just keep packin them bowls
  8. You should slash his tires
  9. Lol op roll us a blunt
  10. Already done. I'm smoking my pain away. Fuck this shit..
  11. You would think that with the name scary Mary people would relies your female. Ah well. My sympathy OP. My next bowls for you.
  12. why is this in real life stories?
  13. One cannot have joy without pain, love without hate, As is the dichotomy of life. The pain of loss will pass through time, the feeling of joy and excitement will ignite soon after! Take solace in the knowledge that you can't control the hurt, its a process that you have to endure but will make you stronger :) peace x

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