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  1. well my girlfriend of the last 3 months dumped me tonight. i can't say i didn't see this coming though. she's just been acting really weird for the last week and i knew something was wrong. the worst part is that i didn't do anything to make things better. fuck if i knew i had a chance to change things i would in a heart beat right now. instead i basically fucked myself over by doing nothing.

    this is seriously one of the worst feelings in the world and why i don't like getting into relationships. i didn't even think that i cared about her as much as i do and now its to late. guess you really don't know what you have till its gone.

    ughh i just need someone to talk to right now :(
  2. i just got dumped like 2 days ago to man...dont stress over it. doing nothing is better then begging for that bitch back lol. just think of it as her loss and move on.
  3. Everyone thinks that way at first but you wont feel like that for long. In the mean time, smoke some bowls n get out heaps
  4. egg that bitches house. im kiddin bro. Well, im forty miles away from my baby. and we've had some arguments lol rough ones. And I think im realizing im fuckin young and I have all the time in the world to write myown stries and Kama Sutra. you do too buddy. so if you want, go for it, :smoking: egg that bitches house lol.
  5. Don't let her loss get you down.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlQcJAjYxaI]YouTube - 2pac-gotta keep ya head up[/ame]
  6. haha i wish. only problem is i work with her sister who hated me to begin with.
  7. It sucks man.... shit happens. Life goes on. I bet you find someone better, no doubt. Just give it some time.
  8. yeah i know. i'm just sick of getting sick of this short term bullshit. usually my relationships last anywhere from 2-6 months. something just always has to fuck up. maybe its just me. :rolleyes:
  9. Get out of here! You know its not you! Damn girls just dont know what they want...ever. And, i never went over 3 months, until my 2 year relationship. Hell of a jump! Just gotta find that "one". Just take some time... your all good.
  10. Yeah, I had a couple month long relation ships here and there, then I was with a girl for 10 months and that went to shit.. so I stopped dating girls and started flirting with bitches. That was all good and fun, then I found the girl I've been with for three years so far.. All I can say is that if you work with her sister, anger bang her until you find the right girl for you.
  11. I feel you man! Getting dumped is the utlra bitties.

    I'm on week number 2 after getting dumped from my 2 year girlfriend. This is the longest we ever stopped talking eachother. It just feels strange but the pain is Definitely going away. The bad feeling. Sure a few sprouts will come here and there but its better than falling asleep depressed and waking up depressed.

    You'll finally realize that you're better off and now you can meet new women, and my oh my that's a pretty good feeling. Keep your chin up, don't give in. Don't talk to her.

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