just got down syndrome

Discussion in 'General' started by hegawn, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. there should be a warning on that firecracker recipe in the "incredible, edible, herb" forum. don't use a gram of chronic on one cracker... you won't be able to instruct your legs to work in unison.
  2. Wait, so you actually figured out a way to gain a extra chromosome?

    Thats fucking amazing, call the AMA, call Ripley's believe it or not. Your a freak of nature.
  3. Ummm.. kay.
  4. I'm going to have to hold my tongue on this one.
  5. Now you know for next time. You didn't use enough chronic, you were still able to post this.
  6. i made a fire cracker with 3 grams of bubble hash one time

    woke up 12 hours later like waaaaah.
  7. Unnecessary comparison.
  8. preeetty much
  9. lolol awsome.
  10. hilarious thread XD
  11. You cant walk, but you can open firefox, type in grasscity.com, manage to type out a sentence that has decent punctuation, and navigate the mouse to post a thread.
  12. Man up, eat another. And by another, I mean like 10.

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