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  1. I got to the u of Memphis, ended up a frat party with 3 black dudes and a really hot black girl (I'm Peruvian/brown)...we saw plenty of Js being passed around so we lit up, this drunk frat dude got pissed and was saying "are y'all smoking weed in my yard!" I giggled and said yea. We were in group with many beautiful white woman who shared and this drunk fat redneck made us leave only. Damn you TN, I'm drunk and wanted some educated college age white vagina. Now I'm drunk and typing this sad story rather.
  2. racists are scum

    don't worry. so many white chicks like dark meat. theres always tomorrow
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    And this has what to do with being discriminated against???:confused:

    Maybe the guy just didn't want people smoking weed in his yard?
  4. there was much weed being smoked, if i didnt point it out already...oops.
  5. Come down under and I'll treat you to some white Aussie pussy to make up for your loss brother. Fuck racism.
  6. You gotta think of it as they kicked you out cause they were scared you would mack all the hoes, think optimistic about things.
    Just sit back and laugh at their ignorance though:D
  7. Did I miss the part about anyone being racist in this story? Do you even know what racism is?

  8. Yeah, there isn't much racism over here. Older generations still bitch and moan about Muslims and Asians coming here as if they're pests and don't inject ridiculous amounts of money to our economy, and I still hear some incredibly ignorant remarks about Aboriginals, but from what I hear from the U.S., comparatively, we're doing alright.

  9. As a man who's done some traveling the Aussie women know how to party.....

    I've only been there once but it was a great time with a few different great memories......
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    Discrimination / Racism is just wrong. It's just pointless hate.

    What the hell happened to just having some general human compassion.

    I don't know, I'm a muslim arab, and I've been a victim of discrimination/racism so much, especially in the past 3 years, so I can relate. It's just annoying that there are those who are willing to go out their way to hurt you just because they don't like what race you are, or what religion you follow. I'm just here to enjoy life with everyone, I don't care what color you are, where you're from, or what religion you follow.. We are all people.

    It's quite frustrating.. I've developed severe anxiety because of it. I just smoke on my own all the time now, whereas I would always have someone to smoke with before.

    I just get hate from everyone, particularly the public :/
    So I never trust people anymore, which is sad, because I know not everyone is like this.

    It's just weird, because I'm not even strictly religious, as most people perceive of muslims. My family drink, party, and just enjoy life. They always said to me "as long as you're a good-hearted person, that's all that counts". My mother wears a necklace with the star of david, cross, and the islamic crescent + star. This is the kind of open-minded family we are. I'm not even dark-skinned, or look particularly arabic. I just mostly receive hate after people find out my roots.

    But what else is one meant to think?
    • I've been refused to buy anything from a convenience store by the employee behind the counter.
    • I've been humiliated openly by a waiter in a restaurant.
    • I've been called a terrorist, I've been called taliban, I've been called a sand n****r, even by those who I thought were my good friends.
    • I've been harassed by cops, who arrested me and put me in jail for no reason at all, I was not even aggressive or angry, (they charged me with trespassing, which even the judge could not understand, as nothing had happened, but I got charged anyway)
    • I am constantly having to sit through "random" searches & questioning whenever I arrive back in the US. If it were truly random, this would not happen to me every single time., especially when I don't hold a foreign passport.
    • I've been told by a girl "ugh we hate you people" after having a nice 10 minute conversation with her, after she asked where I was from originally.
    • I've been told by an Israeli American to "fuck off, we hate you" and drove off in his car, after we were talking and he asked where I was from.
    • I had a good friend who I always thought of as such a good-hearted guy, who came into my dorm room half way through the year after finding out where I was from, and asked if it was true, and when I said yes, He told me to fuck off and started chanting "U.S.A!, U.S.A!, U.S.A!" while he walked out my dorm room.
    • I've been in-directly called a terrorist in class, by someone replying to a professor's question: "Why is no one choosing to do a project on the middle-east?" with "because they're all terrorists"

    I don't want to keep going on.. I'll be here all year.. but you get the point. It's just weird to me, I don't understand how you can project such hate onto people you don't personally know. Of course, I have met the few minority that respected me for who I was, but they are very rare for me.

    I mean, I'm even quite upset I get racist remarks from black people, because they have faced years and years of strong racism/discrimination in the past, so I would only think the pain they felt/feel would not make them want to give it to others...

    There's just only so much you can take... so I stopped being social. I just try keep positive.
  11. I usta get discriminated against all the time in middle school by this one hispanic teacher, shed favor all the latino/a students, and i was the only one to call her out on it. So she didnt like me.
  12. bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks.
  13. I've been discriminated against as a white guy because pretty much every nationality lives in my neighborhood and almost none of em are white :p

    It's just majority vs minority. I've never seen a skinhead talk shit to a group of black people or vice-versa. Whenever racists are in the minority they're quick to shut the fuck up.
  14. People are forgetting that other people are capable of racism just as much as white people. White people are not the only racists in this world. There are plently of people who have discriminated against me because im white.
  15. Peruvian Brown sounds like one of Bob Ross's Six Main Colors


    Ah.........I miss those Happy Little Clouds
  16. That's really dumb. You should probably show up there again and act like nothing happened. Hah
  17. I find that blacks discriminate against me, white male, more so than the other way around.
  18. You're in TN. :wave: /thread
  19. Sounds like you're calling it racism just because you didn't like getting thrown out. Anyone who's been to a frat party knows they don't like guys there unless the guy brought a bunch of girls or is closely affiliated with the frat. Plus you were smoking weed out back when they apparently didn't want you to, and you were hogging a bunch of the girls (as they would see it).

    Basically, there are a lot of rational reasons for you to have been thrown out other than racism. Please don't always assume racism, I know you'll get a lot of sympathy on a pot forum, but try to see every angle.
  20. Maybe the guy just noticed you smoking the weed? Idk man. Seems odd that you think it was a racism thing. Just because he makes you leave doesn't mean it was the racist card:/

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