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Just got caught..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jaeh6, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Well gc, i got caught by my dad
    he found my pipe and my grinder
    he said that for the rest of summer i can't go anywhere, hang out with friends, etc because he knows what i will do
    its 4:20, and i cant smoke
    anyone know anything i can tell him when he comes back (he went to get groceries or soemthing) that might sway his decision?
    fuck ive never been this stressed out in a while
  2. Quit stressin, and just deal with it. Should've hid your shit better, but so long as you're living under his roof it's his rules.

  3. The best I can say is sit down and watch the Union with him.

    And calmly debate him.
  4. Well, you're at least 18.

    Tell him you can do what the fuck you want to do because you're an adult.
  5. yay. another "i got caught" thread. yipee.:hello::rolleyes:
  6. research how weed isnt bad, and show him it
  7. :rolleyes: the jokers that are on these forums
  8. It is his house so they are his rules.

    With cops and disapproving parents its like a cat and mouse game. They are the cat and you are the mouse. Just think about how many times you didnt get caught and you come out ahead.

    As far as talking him into letting you smoke, I doubt that will work. Parents that are anti-smoking are like politicians and religious people, they know what they know and they wont be talked out of it.

    Find a better spot to hide it, dont smoke in the house, and try not to talk to him high. IMO thats all you can do.
  9. Calmly talk to him, don't turn it into a fight. Or move out.
  10. Sneak out, buy more weed and a piece. Keep your shit hidden and only get high when he is not around. Silly people...... parents are easier to get around then you think.
  11. Stop failing at life and find better hiding spots.
  12. Umm how can you be an adult and still gettin grounded?
  13. I dunno, maybe because he still lives under his dad's roof? Just because you turn 18 doesn't mean your parents stop raising you, or that you stop listening to them just because you're an "adult"
  14. As far as Im concerned, if you live at home you obey your parents rules (within reason). They are feeding you and housing you for free(most of the time), if they want you to do something who says you can treat them like ass?

    My current GF has a cerfew when she is home for breaks. They do a lot for her, so she obeys their rules.

    But being grounded when you are 18 does seem strange.
  15. once u start gettin caught as a youngster it just keeps happening your parents will either (a) learn to somehow accept your way of life or (b) do everything in their power to stop you (c) just not know how to handle your situation and "give up" on trying to control your behavior.
  16. Man up and lay out the facts for him.
    -Yes, you smoke weed.
    -Yes, it was a pussy move not being straight with him about it.
    -You've researched the plant and the pros AND cons of using it (if you haven't, get started and arm yourself with knowledge), and are happy to answer any questions he has ***This is NOT so you can argue your case and justify your smoking; it is simply a way of showing him that you've educated yourself and you're not just some dumbass kid who will do any drug set in front of him***
    -You realize that it was wrong to bring illegal items into his house without his knowledge, and you are sorry for doing so
    -You WILL NOT smoke in his house ever again, nor will you bring anything illegal into it, since you realize that it puts him at risk
    -You understand that he has to do what he has to do as your father, and you will take your punishment like the man you are
    -You hope that this can be the start of an honest, open, man-to-man relationship with your father now that you're 18

    This is basically how things went when one of my guy friends got caught back when we were fresh out of high school. He said his dad truly appreciated his honesty and acknowledgement of his own wrongdoing, and their relationship has been 100% better ever since. Keep in mind that it came straight from the heart though, so if you don't really believe any of this and are not looking for that type of relationship with your father then say whatever seems right for your particular situation. Just don't bullshit him. Most dads I know can smell it a fucking mile away.

    **I feel I should mention that he was still "grounded" (meaning that he had a curfew and had to ask permission if he was going anywhere), but it only lasted for a week because he was demonstrating such maturity in accepting it and abiding by the rules. He also had to help his dad rebuild their deck in 100 degree weather, but after they were done they grilled up some steaks and split a twelve-pack (underage drinking is a BIG no-no in that family, that's why it made me :eek:) and his pops just went on and on about what a wonderful son he has and how proud he was of him for turning out to be such a good, honest man "of strong character". It was all quite endearing.

    Good luck OP.
    Oh, and think about moving out ASAP. Makes things a lot easier ;)
  17. I THINK SOMEONE IS UNDERAGED... lol anyways the best you can do is try to persuade him that ganja isnt as bad as he thinks it is. show him the union or somethin
  18. My parents stopped grounding me in 6th grade. < 18 much?
  19. this kind of stuff happens when your 15 and get caught smoking weed by your dad.

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