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Just Got Caught.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonedSnivy, May 20, 2013.

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    Well blades. One of the worst things we never want happening has happened to me just about an hour ago. I got caught. Okay so here is the story:
    I've been smoking weed for about three years. I'm still living with my parents (planing on moving out this year). Ever since I started smoking, I've always been as sneaky as possible. That means I've never once got caught and done my best not to. So today I was planning to toke in the bathroom. I got all my stuff ready. My homemade bong, lighter, water, and bud. I planned to get high before leaving to go pick up my medicene. Well I wasn't able to do so because I was running out of time and needed to get my medicene before they closed. Knowing I don't have much time left, I rushed getting dressed and heading out to town. Since I was in a rush I foolishly forgot to hide my stuff. While I was gone my mom stopped by the house because she forgot some stuff. She spotted it.....the flushed the bud. She crushed my homemade bong and what happened to my lighter is still a mystery. I get home around shortly before she leaves. She tells me she found it and flushed it. For some reason I wasn't mad at all usually in this situation I'd be either scared, angry, or embarrased. I was very calm for some reason. She then told me that her and my dad done it once when they were young. Next she left cause she needed to get back to work and told me that they'd have a talk with me later.
    Well....shit. I'm strangely still calm. It was pretty big nug she flushed. Very dank.
    Now I'm wondering what will happen when they get home. I do feel absolutly stupid for leaving that stuff out, but I was in a rush and caused me to forget about it. I'm not sure what to do right now.
    So here is my question. What should I do? What should I be expecting? I'm well prepared to tell them everything I know about the plant and why I do it. I'm just still wondering how this'll play out.

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    Damn. When I first got caught, my nosy mom was looking through my purse and found my stash. She flushed my weed and I don't know what she did with my pipe. But that pipe was a beauty. It was handcrafted by the Cherokee's in North Carolina, made from wood and clay, with a litte seahorse on it. Bitch. -____-
    I don't see why parents that used to do it when younger are opposed to it now. That's hypocritical! I guess I'm a liberal though. If I found out my kids were doing it, I'd just tell them to do it at home and be smart to not get caught by cops. 
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  3. sucks man but wheres the question? they have a section for this kind of stuff
  4. I have clearly seen "you must be at least 19 years of age to use this forum" posted on this website. Why do we sit around and tolerate these 12 year old kids? For christ's sake grow up man. Tell your parents that you smoke weed and you don't plan on stopping. Tell them that they owe you for the flushed bud. If they don't re-imburse, then steal from them to get your weed back. Good luck bro.
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  5. Where have you seen that?
    My point exactly. I'll never let my future kids go through this ridiculousness.
    I'm 18 thanks for asking. Also last time I checked I could of swore I can be on here if I'm 18 and older.
    I'll definitely do my best to get them to pay me back. Chill bro. ^^
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  8. Troll fail!
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  9. Sorry about that. I forgot to add the question. I edited my post just now
  10. Oh I will lol.
  11. Don't tell them they owe you.  They don't owe you anything.  What you need to do is talk to them in a respectful and mature manner, and try to come to some common ground.  Having a bad attitude isn't going to do anything but hurt you.  If you can't come to some terms, and they don't want you smoking at home, then that's how it has to be.  Sometimes it takes some time to make people see differently.  You need to show that you are responsible, and that marijuana isn't remotely near as bad as the rap sheet it used to have.
    You're living with your parents.  The bottom line is, you don't have to agree with what they are going to tell you, but you have to respect their opinion.
  12. HAHAHA that sos dad would never flush my weed down the shitter but have a documentary ready to watch and tell them its used to medical perpous do you think the goverment would allow this is it was that bad? if they dont agree then say im moving out soon anywase its not your problem  mom dad its my life not to mention im not smoking crack now am i? now if it was so bad do you think you would have seen and difference over the years to you i look talk act fine so its not bad you guys didnt see any changes so right there its fine dont belive me watch a documentair on it with them seriously weed is not bad fuck its not a drug you just happen to set it on fire drugs u gotta add shit like baking soda water i dont know the recipie im just saying
  13. Stick your arm down the toilet! No nug shall be left behind!!!
  14. Thier house, their rules, don't like it then move the fuck out.
  15. Getting caught is the worst. I still live with my parents and I was only caught one time and it wasn't even my fault. I used to toke with my friend who's parents knew my parents very well. One day my friend got caught and because we spent a lot of time together his parents called my parents and told them to search my room. Long story short, they found my shit. So even if you think you are careful and that you can't be caught there are so many unfathomable ways of being found out.
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    So grow up, respect those that feed you, bathe you, put a roof over your head and change your diapers. Seriously, if you're actually 18 or older, you should be able to respect your parents' wishes. Move out.
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  17. Keep smoking weed just not in the house. Problem solved. Thank me later.

    Be respectful but dont be a puss when they talk to you. From what youve said it doesnt seem too bad. It bugs me that people are scared to tell their parents they burn. Especialy those kids who drink and or smoke cigs with/around their parents. Its only weed man.

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