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    Just like most people before they get caught, I thought I was invincable and would never get caught. Well tonight I was blazing a bowl with my brother behind this bush. Its kind of near the center of town. So as I was about to take a hit this bike cop rolls up. He sees us, but we're kind of hidden by the bush so as he yells something at us I toss the bowl in the bush. He says he smells marijuana, takes down our names, calls for backup, and proceed to search the bush with his flashlight. He asks us why we were their and what we wre doing. We said we were about to take the bus home and we just stopped by the bush to piss. The other cop got their pretty quick and they sat us down in front of this fence. They kept searching under the bush, but they didn't find anything so they start asking us a bunch of questions, and than search us. I had a lighter in my pocket and my bro had a bag of weed in his, but when he had sat us down before in front of a fence we both sneaked the stuff under the fence. So he searched us and didn't find anything. He said we could go, but kept searching around as we were walking away.

    We were only go about ten steps down the road, before he tells us to "get back here". He had the bag of weed in his hand and he was like you guys thought we were stupid didn't you. He found it under the fence near where we were sitting. We deny again that it was ours, and than right after he finds my lighter about 3 feet away. He keeps claiming that it was right under where we were sitting, but we still deny that it was ours. In the end he says we're going to be summoned to court and that we can go.

    For anyone that has had any experiance like this or knows law, is their a chance we can get out of this. If he only found it in the area and not on us?
  2. Nah sounds like you're pretty screwed, what are the chances of him sitting you down next to a weed baggie?

    Should of chucked the bag in your shoe or crotch. I always threw my baggies far away when cops rolled up.
  3. I think that if you remain strong there's no real way that you can get into any serious trouble unless they get fingerprints or something. You can also say that since having a lighter isn't illegal, there's no point that you would throw it away and it could've just been some kid whose mom saw him and he had to get rid of all his shit before his mom confronted him or something like that.
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    Yeah I mean where we were is like surrounded by apartments where college kids live. People walk through their all the time.

    BTW marijuanas decriminlized in our town, I don't know if that means anything though.
  5. if he said you could go then you were free to go. im pretty sure thats all there is to it
  6. basically the bottom line.

  7. no...he didn't arrest us, he summoned us to court and let us go at the time.
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    So in your opinions do you think theirs a chance I can get the charges dropped if we stick to the story? and if I do happen to get convicted, what am I looking at as a 17 year old whos had no prior charges.

    Again, I live in a town where marijuana is either decriminlized or deprioritized, not sure which.

    You have to be 18 to be part of this site, peace. ~AK~
  9. Haha, well see you when you turn 18 years old.

  10. Decriminalized or depriortized IMO would mean they don't roll around town looking for people smoking , but if ur smoking blatenly in public and your underage of course they are gonna stop and see wats up. I think you'll probly get a fine and maybe a drug class or comm. service...... O ya and come back to gc after your 18 :p and stay in school.
  11. if it's decriminalized.. it'll be a ticket, right? A hefty one I'm sure, plus you'll have court fees and such. Well, that's probably what would happen if you were legal.
  12. Hahaha... You just admited your 17 on a site that requires you to be at least 18.

  13. heres what you do. . .

    take your palm,
    and rest your face in it.

    because you just failed at the internet
  14. Yeah right now the last thing I care about is whether I admit im not the right age on an internet forum. If you guys think that thats more important than trying to work out legal problems, than you seriously have your priorities messed up.

    If the fact im underage makes a difference in a situation like this, than obviously im going to state it when asking for advice.
  15. Well, seeing as your not 18, you probably won't be a member here too much longer. But maybe they'll be dropped. If it's decriminalized there though, you should just get a fine, not even charged.

    Well, not entirely. It means that when you do get caught with it, instead of being arrested, you get fined.
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    yay!!!!! everybody lets point at the op and repeat 50 times again and again in every single new post post that he is not 18 and post pictures that say FAIL or FACEPALM on them. hurray. and i dont think you should be in that much trouble if they didnt find it on you. unless like someone else said, if they fingerprint it then your friend is fucked
  17. I'm sure half the people on this forum are under 18, Just saying,

    Also if you just stick to your story or dont say anything at all you should be fine, maybe a tick and community service??

    Toke happily
  18. Haaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha. fucking hilarious shit right there! hehe. still giggling from it.
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