Just got busted

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  1. Ok my stepdad was sitting of the front porch and went inside and i thought he went to bed so i snuck out my window on top the porch and smoked a bowl and when i was climbing in the window i hea "hey *my name*" in a whisper/yell from below me. I got the fuck back inside and put my shit up and when i was putting the screen back in the window i hear three loud claps (WTF!!!?? maybe he had been saying my name when i was back inside?) So i got the fuck in the bathroom and used mouthwash. Anyways im sitting here now freaking out and occasionally hearing footsteps downstairs.

    fuck lol i am baked as shit

    he better not tell my fucking mom

    he had to have heard me using the lighter and the bubbler bubbling or smelled it. I just wonder why he said my name quietly and hasnt came up here and said anything.

    the suspense is killing me

    ok now my mom just said somethin to my stepdad
  2. Well it will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  3. Sounds like he may have been cool about it
  4. welli heard my stepdad talk for a minute or two and im pretty sure they were talking about me. I think theres a good chance theyre cool about it fhey arent saying anything tonight. My mom can be crazy though so i hope she isnt just waiting till tomorow to talk to me
  5. It sounds like he was gonna ask you for a hoot if you called your name in a whisper-yell. If he wanted to get you in trouble he probably would have just gone straight to your parents.
  6. I love live updated stories.
  7. so suspenceful
  8. oh shit the munchies just hit me, hard

    Its 1237 here and i think theyre asleep? Should i make a food run downstairs?:confused:
  9. ^^^ hell yah dude.
  10. Do it. You've already been caught, just dont eat TOO much =]
  11. lol is this really happening
  12. haha better make sure you hide your shit good, dont want your parennts snooping around looking for any pieces :p
  13. fuckin kids need to stay off the roof
  14. Bringing it back after around an hour, any update?
  15. Ha ha I'm high as shit and it's funny following this LIVE story. It's LIVE. LIVING. LIVING WITH ALL ITS MIGHT. Sorry. My mistake.
  16. hide your shit good!
  17. Ninja your way downstairs.
  18. Just talk to your dad asap and be like:
    "Thanks dad, youre the awesomest dad I could ever have."
    Either he will have no idea what you are talking about
    He'll feel way to champ-ish to bitch out and tell your mom if he hasn't already.

  19. Hahaha. That's exactly what I'm thinking.
    I'm so lean right now, it's pretty damn funny!

  20. lolololol. you have idea how much i justed laughed. i can imagine it. high as balls. trying to pull some kung fu to get some munchies. lolol fuckin jackie chan.

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