Just got busted from the cops... got REAL lucky.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RunningRiot, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. So me and my buddy wanted to meet up and blaze before we went home and played some nazi zombies over xbox live. It was like 2am and we are going through spots in our heads to park our cars and smoke, but everything we think of is too heat for that late at night. So we just decided to park in the Wal-Mart parking lot beside a bunch of other cars to kind of blend in.

    Now, I just bought a half-o, so I was smokin' my buddy cause I had a lot of weed. I never carry around a half-o, but I just bought it, so I had it in my truck still. I roll up a fatty, we smoke it to our heads, and we sit there and kind of shoot the shit for a few minutes. As soon as we agreed to depart a cop shows up out of no where. Picks us out, out of all the cars that are sitting there and pulls up and says:
    "What you guys doin here?"
    "Nothing, just waiting for a friend"
    "Are you sure that's all your doing?"
    They get out of their car. At this point, I'm just like... fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. They come to the window and start talking to us, and I'm RIPPED, and it was just so fucked. One of the cops takes my friend out of the car and to the cruiser. The other cop asked me some questions and for my I.D. and stuff. He tells me to get out of the car and step into his. At this point I think I'm busted and goin to jail or something.

    I sit in the car for several minutes listening to the cop in front telling me how much shit I'm going to be in. Wasn't cool, but for some reason I felt pretty calm..
    A couple minutes later, the other cop comes to the door, opens it up and shows me my bag of weed, and LOSES it on me. This dude is just calling me a little shit, a liar, asking me why I would lie to him...yeah, he was givin me an earfull. He asks me what my parents would think if they heard about this, then assures me that he is going to call them.

    The cop joins the other cop inside the cruiser, and he starts typing some shit into the computer and I can see that it says to give out a call to my house, and just as he is about send it, they get a radio call that some suicidal nutjob is on the loose and is threatening to kill himself again or something. Once I heard this I just thought.. "Oh my god...I might be able to get outta this..". Sure enough, cops come around, let me out of the car and tell me that I'm getting one warning for this. If I get caught again I'm going to jail, and all this junk. I thank him, get in my car and just take off. As I'm driving away I just laugh at the fact of how god damn lucky I was to get some psychopath threatening to kill himself.

    Sucks that I lost my half-o though:(
  2. man u need to learn your rights if that was to go to court it would of got thrown out for not having a reason to search
  3. I just dont get why all you guys HAVE to smoke in fucking public :confused_2:? I never have and never will smoke in a car, I will never agree to that, period. I also will not smoke in a public place ever again. Just smoke indoors, is so fucking easy!

  4. If the cars running and a cop smells pot, your ass is theirs. I take it the car was prob

    running cuz its the middle of winter and most ppl like listening to music when they burn.

  5. right? stop parking and smoking your just asking to get rolled up on you dumbasses
  6. Haha yea, the car was runnin, and it was running the whole time this happened.
    I was tempted to ask if I can go turn my car off, but the one cop was being a dickhead, so I didn't wanna piss him off anymore.

    And to the guy that says smoke at home..
    We both live with our parents, so it's almost next to impossible for both of us to smoke at one of our houses.

  7. Bro, if its 2 am it's not that hard to smoke outside of your house, unless your parents are up all night...

  8. someones parents are adderall addicts
  9. 1) Wait till parents are asleep
    2) Walk outside
    3)Smoke a fatty
    4)Walk inside.
    5) Eat munchies.

    Or is driving around high IN PUBLIC so much easier?
  10. Haha holy, you guys gotta chill out.

    Sure, smoking outside our house would probably had been easier, but that's pretty easy to say now. It's not like we said to each other "K, Its WAYYYYY easier to drive around in public and smoke." No. We, were both out, called each other and wanted to meet up. It just kinda happened.
    You know how many times we've met up at places and had no problems? The last thing on our mind was getting spotted out from a bunch of cars in a WALMART parking lot.

    Now that this has happened, smoking outside my house will definitely become a more frequent option.
  11. That sucks that you lost the half o though, it really does, but at least you got off clean and thats all that matters.

    That cop sounded like a real dick btw, #FUCKTHAPOLICE.

    Next time, opt for a less cop friendly area like a neighborhood. Park on the side of the road by some houses, light up the joint, smoke, and leave. Cops patrol public places such as Walmart way more than neighborhoods.

  12. yea but your way more likely to get spotted on the side of the road of a neighborhood than a walmart if a cop drives by. If you really wanna be stealthy with that shit just get a vape in your car and build it into the seat. I dont know why people dont vape on the go its a lot less suspicious
  13. Hahah, if i could, I would. I would be going on drives ALL the time.
  14. I actually got my friend to let me borrow his volcano and I used one of those cigarette lighter power strips and I would constantly be blowing up the bags on the way to different peoples houses
  15. Looks like some cops are gonna have some high times.

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