Collab Just got bubbler... Ripped off??

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  1. MY boy says he got this for $450. I think hes full of shit but i just want to know if anybody thinks this is worth that much. Please lemme know blades!! What is your opinion on the price???



  2. ive seen a $400 bub and it was wayyy better than that lol
  3. it could be, who was it blown by?
  4. Blown by stubs from Long beach 562. hahahahahaha (he has one arm). Please people be honest. I want the honest truth!!!!
  5. My opinion is that there are many better ways to spend $450.
  6. I know what you mean i bought an illadelph for 260 thats fucking amazing. I personally think that this bub cost 100-150.

    Heres my illadelph


  7. $450? Dude I'd pay $120 tops for that bub...
  8. Eh i would pay 200 tops for that piece. It is quite amazing though. Hows it hit?
  9. i have seen things like that in shops for around 4, 5 hundo. they are overpriced on purpose so kids can come in and say "ill take it!" that could have been easily talked down to like 250. its got some alright work in it but still
  10. Any HS would charge 5 bills for that soo yeah it's possible he's telling you the truth.
  11. looks like some decent work, not 450$ worth though. id say he fucked up...
  12. He dun goofed

    I wouldn't pay more than 200
  13. Hey Bds415, seems like a rip for 450. Question off topic, nice Botanicare lighter, you get that from Max yield in San Fran?
  14. I wouldn't pay more than a hundred bucks for that
  15. You guys are all misinformed. There are three marbles, and 7 worked sections I can see from that; plus it's a glass on glass slide. I would pay 450 with a smile on my face. This is art not just a bubbler.
  16. Yes i can tell most of the people who replied dont own any HIGH end, heady glass. Although i personally wouldnt buy that piece, i believe the price is justified. Its covered in work, and im sure a lot of time went into making it. If anyone sees a bub with that much work for under 200 pm me..:p
  17. good buy for sure. mad mibs, solid sections and that flame comin up on the left is real real heady. not to mention the picture quality sucks and we can't see possible fuming in the horns coming off the bowl and other parts of the piece. all in all, a heady ass hammer and mad props to the blower if he only had one arm!

    IMO though, i wouldn't spend 450 on a hammer...
  18. Thank you for setting people straight.
    Not something I'd personally buy but the price is justified, especially with headshop markups.
    Bad lighting though.

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