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Just Got Back From The Headshop. Heres What I Got

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tree Of Life, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. New headshop right down the street from me just opened recently and it's the bomb! The selection, the prices, the staff... Everything is top notch and I'm loving it. Grabbed this spoon for $30, no joke! Ran out of papers a while ago and never got around to buying more so I got some RAW's, and I've been wanting to try out hemp wick for the longest time so I got a small spool of that too! Overall I'm very impressed and I'll DEFINITELY be doing business there again! Also picked up some buds the other day, whatcha think? :bongin:


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  2. That's a alright pipe bro but those buds don't look that great
  3. Cool af pipe bro. I love when new head shops move in:)
  4. What? :confused_2:

    Thanks man! And yeah, this is the first headshop this close to me ever so it's pretty awesome. :D
  5. A man can only be measured by the pipe he smokes his weed out of.
    Say what? The picture quality might not be OMG great but those buds look pretty gnarly to me.
  7. better than mine man. when i saw the title i thought you picked up weed lol
  8. Indeed. And the way he treats other people and the actions he makes.

    It's actually quite a potent sativa. Punches you in the head like a professional boxer. :smoking:
  9. Maybe it's cause I'm in a MMJ state but this is what meds I be smoking!!
    1: idk can't remember
    2: Girl Scout Cookies
    3: close up of GDP
    4: I photo edit the name a few weeks ago

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  10. Huh? I did pick up bud haha. Are the pictures not working?? :confused:
  11. from a headshop?
  12. Maybe I'm just stoned, but that was a little confusing. :bongin: No, I didn't get the bud from the headshop. Just the spoon and the papers and the hemp wick. :p
  13. #13 Jayohe12, Jun 11, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 11, 2013
    does hemp wick work will when its windy?
    edit: and no its because im stoned aha.
  14. Hemp Wicks are awesome!! I love them! .... Hemp Wicks don't work very well in the wind. No different from a candle wick burning!
  15. Not sure. I haven't used it yet, but I don't know how wind proof it would be. Ans I think we're both stoned. :smoking:
  16. well i lied... im more on a buzz... you just didnt understand my post because im stupid.
  17. Dude, you're not stupid... It was just a misunderstanding. My bad man. Plus a buzz would still be considered a high. :hello:
  18. Love the new piece, but based on your last pic I don't think you're using it correctly.
  19. Huh? Dude, it was just for the picture. I don't actually just stick nugs in a bowl like that and smoke up lol!
  20. Nice peace friend enjoy! Roast a bowl for me  :yay:

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