Just got back from the bank stoned.

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  1. I vaped like 10 minutes before getting to the bank.I was sofa king high and had to sign up for online banking since I was having issues doing it at home. So anyway, I get there and I sit at the chair across from the guy and right away I feel like he knew.
    Long story short, I was only expecting to be there 10 minutes tops, but for some reason we couldn't register me for the online banking, so he had to call higher up in the corporation and they had him on hold for like 10 minutes, and then something happened and he got disconnected. So then we were on hold for another 15 minutes and I've been sitting in this chair under the bright fucking lights listening to elevator music pumping out of the bank's speakers. I thought I was gonna have a panic attack and my mouth was so goddamn dry (ever seen that episode of Spongebob where he goes to Sandy's dome and he starts to dry out?) and the guy kept asking me questions and trying to sign me up for a credit card and whatever. So anyway now I have a new credit card and I get reward points and airline points and shit. All in all, I was there for a good 40 minutes.  :smoking:

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  2. ya'll little kids aint know spongebob was a real nigga before the show started sucking ass
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  3. Thread title made me lol
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  4. Ok I understand smoking at a lot of places, but why the fuck do you think vaping and being high in a bank is a good idea? You don't need to be high 24/7, at least lay off for a hour or two!Herb should be enjoyed, not suppressed in a bank.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Agreed. Don't smoke when you have to pretend not to be high. Its a total buzz kill, and inconvenient. Sent from my P9070 using Tapatalk
  6. lol.... you ended up getting a credit card.....
    some weird shit happens
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  7. left with the credit card haha they got ya:smoke:
    Not really since I have the money in my Savings to pay for whatever I choose to buy with Credit.
  9. Your "long story short" was waayyyyy longer than the first part of the storySent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  10. they still made a sell, you didn't intentionally enter for a credit card. :smoke:
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    I benefit with loan eligibility + airline points + reward points (I already travel a decent amount, this will just make my life that much easier.) + 0% interest for a year.  
    Bank benefits because they get to control and hold my money, everyone's happy. I win, bank wins. You make it seem like some bad decision to get a credit card, which makes me think you have poor control of your finances and are unable to spend responsibly.
    Even IF I intentionally entered for a CC, I wouldn't have gotten one. My bank only lets you have debit until your credit is good enough. 
  12. What is this, CinemaSins Grasscity edition??
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  13. can we make that happen? that needs to happen ASAP ferg status 
  14. Banker: "This guy is stoned as fuck, I will just pretend to be on hold for half an hour to wear him down, then sign him up for a credit card program with continuously compounded interest, muahahahaha"

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