Just got back from a Korn Concert..

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  1. Well as the title say's just got back from a concert were the following groups just playd 10 years,Mudvein,and Korn.
    The concert was very bad ass...Smoked two fatty blunts on our way there was nearly at the front of the crowd while korn was playin, was very bad ass too see them in person. This was the first concert ive ever been too..was awsome..got too go in the pit...why my face is hurtin a little right now..its not like people fighting just pushing , and if you fall.. like I did many times people all around you just pick you strait up and help you too your feet..was really fun..someone get hit too hard they would stare each other down like they were about too fight...then just hug lol great time...my friend got too crowd surf was pretty funny too see that..well that about sums it up any one else here mudvein or korn fans?:smoke:
  2. MOSH!!!!!!!!!!

    korn is good...no mudvein...gross
  3. yea i saw korn with disturbed missed the opening band. didnt care best concert in a long time. the rocked disturbed wasnt awsome live but more than i expected
  4. Have seen korn quite a few times in venues from stadiums to small clubs, i dunno they are good while they're on but their sets almost never even last a full hour :( If you feel like gettin into a nasty pit see soulfly sick time and the tribal beats kick ass. Can't wait to see tool again later this year.
  5. damn i wanted to go to that show last night, too busy though.
  6. Yeah I saw Korn.

    They played with Billy Graham and the Pope.

    It was kick-ass, brothah.
  7. Last concert i went to was Throwdown and the Blach daliha murder w/ some other bands at a local club. Don't know if any of you have ever herd of these bands but pretty brutal pits i got kicked in the face.

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