Just got Arizer solo?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by HUNTER12, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Arizer users, Can I leave the unsmoke weed in stem for later use like overnight? thanks
  2. Sounds good thanks
  3. I suppose you could. Or just pack a smaller bowl.

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  4. yeah man i do that all the time after like my second stem. I am high as shit from my solo as we speak lol

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  5. Absolutely, I do it myself like the other people who posted hehe. Just don't let it stay in for too many days to avoid a dank smell.
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    The two stems are filled with one sativa and one Indica, the leftover stays on the stem for few days before I use it again. Haven't touch them yet for a few days, I'll see how they taste when I smoke again.
    Yeah for sure.
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    sure can ,weed wont stick just stink.. i usually finish and put wastes in bag for cooking.love the arizer solo...
  9. I'll just put what I can use in one session.
  10. sometimes i get too baked from a couple hits, left the solo running and it shuts off by itself, very good feature.

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