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Just Got Approved For Medical Marijuana. Many Questions + What Are My Next Steps

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by BakaCrisis, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone I have just been approved for medical marijuana in the state of CT
    Everything went smoothly, and as expected. I gave my doctor the $150 and she told me all the information about registering online and all the other methods. 
    I uploaded my info, and was given a card number online, but i do not physically have a card. 
    When will a card be sent to me?
    There is no other information for me on their website after I have uploaded all my information.
    Can I start using medicinally right now as my physician has approved me or do I need to do another step or should i Just wait until I physically have my card sent ot me?

  2. Call your physician.
  3. Your Dr. should've put you on the right track ..?? I read the Laws on the books in my state before I even put in for my card. I would go to the CT .gov website and read your state laws.I think Normal has a list of states and the laws ? someone with more info may know better than I ??
  4. That's odd that you didn't get a card right then and there, but every place is different I suppose. I'd call the doctor back and ask when you'll have a physical copy of the card. You could call up a dispensary and ask if they would take you if you had your ID and showed them the online verification.

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