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  1. i just got a minor in possession of alcohol. i gave the officer false info then he gave me a chance to give him real info then he said my real info didnt work and that he was going to arrest me so i gave him my license that i said i didnt have previously but had just "found". then he handcuffs me and places me in the squad car without reading me my rights. he then later takes me out of the car, uncuffs me and gives me a ticket for minor in posession with a court date. did the officer break the law by not reading me my rights? or anything else? he also made me pour the beer out and throw away the bottle so there is really no evidence i was drinking in the first place besides his word against mine
  2. Dude learn your lesson, just tell the truth. I just got caught with 10 beers and a bottle of smirnoff, and a gram of weed. I told the cops everything i had before they searched and said sir and all they did was took possesion of all my stuff and send me home.
    All in all, say sir. And also admit to everything and never lie.
  3. Yes, he sort of broke the law.

    Now it is your word against his...So you're pretty much fucked anyway.:cool:

  4. This. When i got caught me and my friend just told the cops what we had and gave them our weed. they took it and did not charge us. Cops are gonna fuck you over if you lie to them. Odds are, they'll find it when they search you anyway, and then they won't be so lenient
  5. Lol they dumped it out so you wouldnt drink it. Wait until your 21 to drink, for now somke weed all day cause theres no age on that
  6. So.. My Alcohol Story..

    Driving home.. Buzzin slightly...

    Pulled over for dumb reason.. Cops thought guy in the backseat was hiding shit but he was actually avoiding the smell of barf from the front seat cause the passenger was gone drunk..

    Cop sees bottle of whiskey in passengers jacket...

    Asks if there's anymore booze in the car.. I say a beer or two in the trunk.

    Cop tests me. Apparently i passed the field sobriety test, but failed the breathalyzer.

    Cop. Puts me in the FRONT SEAT of his cruiser. His partner drove the cruiser.

    He drove my friends car back to my friends house. Where we smoked a confusing bowl and crashed.

    Ended up being a $450 ticket.
  7. He did not break the law. You were detained, not arrested. Handcuffs can be used by an officer during detention for many reasons. In your case, you had lied to him by providing false information and it was seen that you were not cooperating and thus cannot be trusted. He did what he felt was necessary to control the situation while he finished business up. Officers don't have to tell you you are being detained. It's not like being arrested. He doesn't have to read you your rights.

    Also, you were made to dump out your alcohol so that you couldn't drink it anymore. No evidence is needed. You were caught with alcohol and ticketed because of it. If you were given a breathalyser (which isn't necessary since you had the alcohol on you) that is simply further proof that you were drinking. You won't win in court if you try that argument. Just go to court, plead no contest, be polite, and dress nice. If it's a first offense, you will get the option to attend alcohol courses which will lessen your fine significantly.

    Don't get caught again. The fines grow increasingly larger. I speak from experience. A similar thing happened to me 2 years ago. I was caught, breathalyzed, detained, and released when the officer finished up his business. It was my second one and the ticket was over a hundred dollars more than the first one. Not worth it.

  8. this sums it up completely.

    being in handcuffs does not equal being arrested. dude, if i get puled over in my neighborhood, im always in cuffs while they do their thing. When you are being detained, they just need to have you restrained so they dont have to watch you as tough while they conduct their business. And no, they do not have to read you any rights for being detained, only when being arrested.:wave:

    good luck:smoke:
  9. Just so you know, a :cool: was not needed..

    .Y'know, you use it EVERY POST, so I figured on behalf of grasscity, and all the people that have pm'ed and repped me agreeing with me, I thought i'd remind you..

    PAL :)
  10. i probably wont but the thought of suicide keeps running through my head and its annoying me because if i would rather just do it then sit here thinking about it like a pussy.

    anyways, the officer said i was going to lose my license for a year. if that happens i seriously will not have any clue what to do with my life. ive been saving up to move out of my moms house and now this is fucking everything up. it didnt have anything to do with driving, we were nowhere near a fucking car! >.<
  11. All that for one beer? Sucksss lmfao

  12. quit crying on GC, you will get no sympathy here.

    but the only advice i can give you is this story. I was 17 and driving home from a friends house and i literally had one beer while i was there but someone had spilled a whole bunch on me so i reeked of beer. I got pulled for speeding and checked immediately because i reeked. Long story short i got a Driving while consuming less than 21 because i blew a .01 but was under age (0 tolerance law in NC). NOW...what im saying is I could have completely lost my license but I had a job and was in school so they gave me special papers to drive to work and school only.

    TLDR: if you can get a job and or get back in school, the judge probably wont take your license away, rather just give you permission to drive to work and school. But don't fuck around I got pulled and checked one time and they called my boss to make sure i was on the schedule..(i wasn't but my boss was cool as fuck)...
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    Are you serious? Suicide? give me a fuckin break if you actually think this is something to kill yourself over, when people go through lives 100x shittier than yours. Besides, suicide is the pussy way out

    dont cry over spilled milk
  14. yeah bro, you don't know what a hard life is. Just take a deep breath relax and chalk this one up to the game.

    a nice hot long shower always makes me feel better no matter what.

  15. Yeah man .. The cop was within his right .. You are mirandized or read your rights when you are being arrested, and not even always then .. Its for when you are being questioned by law enforecent, not just being held while he runs your info or writes you some citations
  16. Not a whole lot of fuck given on my side, champ.:cool:

  17. You'd be a wonderful father.

  18. if he didnt breathalyzer you, fight it

    i was in the same situation when i was 15 and i went to the court hearing, didnt say a word then half hour (alot of waiting) later i walked out a free man lol
  19. fuck that never tell the cop the truth, i did 3 weeks ago, i said i only had a sip and we were just leaving the party. all they said was thanks for your honesty, then they send us to the station for 2 hours and then give us tickets. Fuck those pigs
  20. The classes I mentioned earlier (if offered to you), might not make you lose your license. When I received my first one, the ticket was $240 and I had the possibility of losing my license for six months. Dressing nice, being polite and respectful to the judge, and acting as though I was genuinely apologetic he offered me the courses (cost me $25), which would let me keep my license and only pay $88 for the fine. A lot better option. You may receive a similar offer and I'd advise you to take it. You'll lose two Saturdays of your life, but it's a small price to pay.

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