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Just got a vaporizer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4twen_t, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Okay, so I just bought my friends vaporite solo off of him for 50 bucks. Yeah yeah, chinese knockoff vape, blah blah...

    But fuck you, I got it for 50 bucks. Hahahah :hello:

    Anyway, I smoked out of it last me REALLY high, like a head high more than anything.....but it seemed it didnt last too long. And I used a lot more weed than I usually do in my pipe. Granted, it was between 2 people, but still. Usually that amount in my pipe would have gotten me QUITE baked, and my friend pretty high as well. Idk if I did it right? I set the temp at like 330-340. Should it be higher? Lower? And whenever I took bigger hits I'd start coughing like crazy, so I turned it down. After we killed it, the weed was a bit black, few green areas left, and dry as fuck. It seems like I did it just didnt last long at ALL.
  2. You prolly torched it, it shouldn't be black, it should be a nice golden brown color. and you should vape at a much lower degrees cause the Chinese knockoffs are never right with temp, just vape at the lowest, and work your way up until you get a nice vapor, and then youll know the righttemp.
  3. If you're going for a cheap vape, get a Vaporgenie! Haha but it seems like most vapes have learning curves. It's a different process than what you're used to. You'll figure it out. But like someone else said, you're burning the weed. The key is for it to be lightly roasted, not burnt. And you can actually make edibles out of correctly vaped weed!
  4. Woahwoahwoahwoah. say what?

    And thanks to both of you, I'll try lower temps tonight. thanks. :wave:

  5. Vaped weed should look like tobacco. Dark brown. Save this and cook with it! You will be able to extract even more THC.
  6. You can re-vape already been vaped weed too but it tastes pretty terrible. It gets you stoned, but yeah, pretty freaking terrible. That's only recommended for the desperate in dry times.

    It's better to start low and go high because you can always vape more if you make it hotter but if you start high anything that would have been available at a lower temp is wasted. If the vapour tastes like weed you're golden, if it tastes like shit the temp is too high.

    Love my vape.
  7. Don't get the vaporgenie. It takes a good 15 secs of inhaling to get any vapor, and like your experience with the Chinese vape, it took more to get me barely high.
  8. doing it right now, set it much lower. seems to be working. thanks guys!
  9. If you can still make edibles and shit, is it okay to smoke the vaped weed? Like, will you get anything or no?
  10. Yes, you can smoke it, our revape, itll just take like 4 times as much, and taste like straight shit.
    How did the lower temp work?
  11. I've always gotten a whole lot of nothing when I smoked it (though I've only tried twice.) Re-vaping a high volume at a higher temp is a guarantee though.
  12. Hey guys, the lower temps worked MUCH better. Nice golden brown afterwards, not BLACK like it was before. Also, maybe its just my tolerance getting higher, but it just seems to not last as long when I vape it. I just seem to get SO much higher from smoking a bowl.
  13. save up and get a volcano digital and torch that shit at 440 degrees F

    then you won't think smoking is better

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