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Just got a sick 1/4 (pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Rollbud, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Picked this one up yesterday. I'm saving most of it for my vacation next week as you can see I already used 1 gram. This bud is really dense it is really giving my grinder a workout. It smells a tad skunky....I don't know the strain, but it is awesome.



    I'm just chillin right now with the Flight box :cool:
  2. Looks like a solid pickup. How much that run you?
  3. Nice pickup. Looks goood. Always nice to have some ready for vacation.

    Also, Rubber Factory is my favorite Keys album. Good call.
  4. way too much 100 :(. There arent a lot of good hookups for bulk amounts around me. At least it was still cheaper then buying by the gram :confused_2:. That's why I hate NY.
  5. i never buy weed in little baggies like that more than 2 or 3 at a time because depending on where you live, if you get caught they charge you with distributing. what you do if thats all you can get is take along a baggy with you and empty each individual bag into the big baggy. never walk around with multiple baggies in your pocket bro..just lookin out

    btw nice pickup...can't wait for my next heady score
  6. you better take it to the doctor quick!
  7. lookin good bro.

    nice pick up.

  8. Yeah I know I didn't know it would come individual bagged at the time. Other wise I would have done what you said.
  9. when its individual i usually stick it into my boxer briefs for the walk home so if anything happens i should be good.

    but i already told my guy to put it all in one bag every time unless he honestly cant
  10. the crazy part was my friend and I were waiting mad long in a parking lot, and there were mad cops around. Sketchiest deal ever, not to mention my town has had so many drug busts lately. Oh well it worked in the end :smoke:
  11. I'll be there first one to admit those look like some dank buds and a good day to you good sir...that being said the bolded part is where I think your decision making can improve a little..I understand doing what you have to in order to get your herb but that amount of weed in my opinion is not worth the trouble of waiting in some parking lot with law enfocement nearby...just my opinion though

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