Just got a shitload of vicodin and soma...

Discussion in 'General' started by hummercash, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. 57 vicodin es tabs (7.5mg hydrocodone/750mg acetaminophen)
    119 350mg soma tabs

    oh, did i mention it was for free?

    i really only smoke weed, i dont mess with this sorta stuff cuz i have enough addiction problems already, so my question to everyone:

    how much could i get for something like this?

  2. Well, not that we encourage anyone to sell pills but around in my area Soma's are $2 a piece and the 7.5's are....hang on, let me call someone...$5 or $6 depending on who's got them.

    Thanks for posting this. I had a handful of Soma's in the pocket of my jeans that I was just about to wash!!!! You saved them for me!!! :D YAY!

  3. sounds bout right to me.... though round here the most you'd ever get for a V is about $5.... though it can also depend upon mg's....

    Even though the use and sales of un-scripted pharmies is illegal and not recommended.......have fun...:D

  4. Yes, not recommended. At all.

    10's get $7, from what I understand, gravy. *edit* Here, that is.
  5. No way dude. I used to take tabs/vicidon like m&ms and the 10s never go for over 5$. a 7.5 will usually go 3-4 depending. more you buy, the cheaper they go. also how did u get so many for free? I dont take them as much anymore, only if i happen to run accross them but if it was me i would sell some of them, buy big sack, and get fucked up all weekend.
  6. Prices on everything are always different depending on where you live. I laugh when I read how much people pay for weed elsewhere. It's never as expensive here and I only smoke the best stuff.

  7. a family friend always makes sure to get all her prescriptions refilled the max number of times (even if she doesn't need the meds anymore) and keeps all the leftovers in a closet. i told her my back was hurting and she gave me the pills :)


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