Just got a really good connect, 1 problem.

Discussion in 'General' started by KushSmokaa, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. So this new guy i found has really good bud and pretty good prices.


    which is pretty good for jersey, but then hes charging me 400$ a zip.

    should i try and get it for cheaper, since all of his other prices are good for my area. or should i just leave it, and figure that weeds expensive by me?
  2. If he sells half O's for $200 then $400 seems fine, otherwise I'd say no less than $370/$380 if you try and hassle him.
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    As this Guy said; try and get him to come down on the O.
  4. I would just buy eighths you getting them for the same price regardless man
  5. I'm in Passaic county but I can get half O for $185, I always think 200 sounds to expensive but I guess it really is pretty standard.
    On the ounce 400 does seem expensive, but maybe he doesn't really sell by the ounces so he's not moving enough weight to give people who want that much a discount? You could still try to haggle it down a little I'm sure, but if what i just said is the case you probably won't get very much.

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