just got a really bad text (friend arrested)

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    i got a text at about 3 a.m. For some reason i woke up way earlier than usual this morning, opened my phone, and had a text from my best friend that he got arrested. i texted him back but got no response... i dunno where he's at right now. holding cell? home? shit i hope he doesn't get kicked outta school, he's one of my roommates (or housemate) next year... man even if he doesn't get kicked outta school this changes next year for suuuure. He's usually just runnin dime bags and small amounts, so i hope he's fine; he also usually has ounces on him too though. our school has one of the best Students for sensible drug policy, but he almost deffinitely got caught sellin, and i dunno if SSDP help out with that? I know my school won't kick you out for smoking weed, but selling is different. there was a HUGE arrest at my school about 5 years ago, but these guys were big time; not like my friend. I swear to god if my friend gets his life fuckin ruined for running dimes and dubs, i don't even know. shit. send some good vibes guys, i'm buggin out, and im sure my boy is buggin out more.

    wishful thinkin... no jail, no kicked outta school, maybe a fine, some court dates... but please just be another lesson learned and not an injustice with ramifations resulting in the destruction of a young and brilliant mind.
  2. well dont worry about him being in jail or anything, or he wouldnt have been able to send you the text, even if he was in a holding cell. they take all of your shit off of you when you get arrested n put in a holding cell, at least thats what happened to me t he one and only time i've ever been in a holding cell

    but i feel you/your friends pain. i got caughtup with the law with drugs and if i get charged it'll ruin my chances of going to school since i wont be able to get financial aid
  3. yea its deffinitely a horrible dilemma to be in. If you don't mind me asking though, since you have some experience... how does it usually work when you're arrested? aren't you usually detained in a holding cell unless somebody bails you out?? or is that not how it works?

    also, if anybody has experience with this:
    if he ends up getting out of this scratch free... like, just a fine or w/e, would the school he attends kick him out? its a big university, hes been there one year, has had no problems at the school and is a good student. has no prior record. jus tryin to get a feel. it sucks because this could potentially fuck up my entire rest of school (hes my best friend, and while i do have other friends there... he is my best friend, itd suck without him) and his entire life
  4. it depends on the situation really

    alot of times they'll just detain you in the holding cell until they get the paperwork done, then you gotta sign some shit and depending on your situation, they'll either release you out on your own, or if you live further away and you need a ride the person who comes and gets you will have to come in and sign a release sayin that you were released into their custody
  5. that happened to me this summer.

    my friend texted me "i fucking got arrested"
    didn't hear from him for like 5 hours.
    he was actually detained @ the police station getting yelled @ and trying to get convinced to admit to NOTHING he did [he originally got pulled over bc he went on a dirt spot on a construction area that was completely empty].

    eventually they had to let him go bc he just kept denying everything and they had no proof of anything.
  6. that sucks, just hope for the best

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