Just got a possession charge in the dorms

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    I walk out my dorm to smoke a jay and this RA sees me and reports me to the pigs. They knock on my door while I'm taking a shit, I answer them right after they shout 'Police! Open up!" without even wiping. I know I'm fucked so I confess to having weed (Or as I said 'mary-jew-wanna'... they didn't find that as funny as i did.)

    They confiscated my sharp stone grinder and a skimpy joint. I told them that's all I had (Even though I have like a G in my drawer and I had another joint right behind my grinder, I fucking prayed they didn't want to search my room since I was being respectful and cooperative.) So they let me off with a misdemeanor and now I have to go to court.... what should I expect?

    I'm gonna go smoke this spliff and ponder on some shit... Maaan, this shit is just surreal. I couldn't believe how lenient they were though, like I thought they were gonna search my room and find my other stash! Plus it's the countries third biggest college party this weekend, so there are cops from KC here to enforce it, so pigs will be everywhere this weekend and this dude said if he sees me again, he's gonna take to jail no questions asked, I'm like da fuck!? But I'm lucky I was just given a ticket and not sent to jail.

    Damn.... so yeah I'm gonna smoke, is this situation even a big deal? I mean it happened so suddenly and I've always been cool and respectful to officers, so I'm lucky they weren't huge dickwads.... but yeah, shit sucks, hope I don't get probation or some shit :(
  2. Ok, I cannot say for sure what they are going to do to you, but your RA is a fucking prick. For real, fuck that kid.
  3. Probably court, drug class hopefully, or probation, depending on the officer will be how often you piss, if at all, etc.
  4. Damn man that sucks, im sure you will be fine it just sucks you got caught when you where minding your own business :(
  5. That sucks, man. Did your RA catch you actually in the act of smoking or just walking with it in your hand?

    I remember during my sophomore year at college I was headed down the hall, literally about fifteen feet, to my friend's room where we just fishbowled it like every day. I had my huge bong in my hands, had just rinsed it out in the communal bathroom and put in some fresh water. My RA comes from around a corner and sees me point blank. He just shook his head, laughed and said that it was good to see that our dorm was continuing with a grand tradition. It was a small dorm, boys on the second floor, girls on the first. About a hundred yards from one of the beaches on our campus. There were three dealers on my floor, it was insane. There was never a drought and you never had to look far for someone to smoke with.
  6. come on man you needa get your shit together and stop gettin caught already lol
  7. Should have bought a safe.
  8. i would of hid all my shit in a friends room after i knew he saw me and told him it was a hand rolled cig, times are tough and you gotta save money by rolling yer own
  9. Thank god they didn't find your neighbor's unstable meth-lab.
  10. ^well it's pretty well hidden under this huge laundromat
  11. The thing is, he's not even my RA anymore. Last semester I was on the 6th floor (He's the ra of that floor) and this semester I'm on the 4th floor with a new RA. He was just patrolling the hallways when he saw me... But he's just doing his job. He was with this girl and the whole time they were writing down notes of the case like they were fucking junior detectives or some shit.

    The latter, I don't smoke in the dorms, I was just walking outside to smoke rurl quick and this guy sees my jay....

    Fuck I know dude. I'm just like the most nonchalant person ever. Like when I'm smoking with friends i say the word 'chill' too many times cause they're so fucking paranoid, and I've been caught so many times by my mom or roommates that every time someone catches me now, I'm just like 'whatever' lol but I'd like to say I handled this situation pretty smoothly, I still have my weed, so yeah I'm slick (toot-tooting my own horn here...)
    Being cool-headed and not freaking out is definitely the best thing you can do in that situation, let that be a lesson to all you spazzoids out there

    The thing is I roll my own cigs and even had a rolled cig and tobacco on my desk. I asked him if he wanted the tobacco and he told me I could keep it, he didn't even bother to check if the cigarette was actually a cig or a joint... I hope they don't search my room tomorrow, I gotta find a place for this weed!

    Also, would you guys know of any ways I could reduce the charge or expunge this shit from my record. Cause I mean they got me with a fucking joint and a grinder! I don't want possession on my record for just that shit.
  12. what state are you in?

    i may have info about your misdemeanor
  13. Kansas
  14. if its a first offense probs nothing will happen. i go to school at unh ( from mass though) and here weeds really illigal and people get caught in the dorms all the time but im pretty sure they give everyone a civil citation for 3 hundred -something dollars i forget the number. its more to generate revenue than anything else. Nh is surrounded by two decriminalized states though with many kids from them so that may influence the laws. I know multiple people with lots of drugs and not just pot that ve gotten busted (multiple zips couple g';s of cash xtc and coke all at once) and they got off. as long s your young in college and act like you have a future the judge isnt going to try and ruin that. All my buddies got put on good behavior no pissing in cups no checking in with anyone.
  15. Rolled the rest of my weed into a joint this morning... Police come back up... same scumbag RA told them he smelled weed in the hallway... didn't search me... said if he sees me again, he's taking me to jail, FUCK!

    This dorm is crawling with cops and 4 know me by now. God damn man, I was just rolling a jay minding my own business (just like last night minding my own business) when people decide to tell on me.
    I need to get out of this dorm ASAP and smoke these two joints so I get rid of any evidence in this room. I'm sketched, this whole situation is sketchy. the cop told me I was suspicious (no shit, I was still licking the weed of my fingers when I answered the door.) He told me to get out of the dorm and "do what you need to do to get rid of anything else in your dorm." So I think that's a sign that I should leave to smoke.... but today is the worst day to be outside... It's a fucking huge party everywhere, cops and people are everywhere outside, I can't just smoke along houses or streets like I usually do. Man I just wanna be left alone and let myself be, I don't need today to be worse than yesterday :(
  16. just chillax and hide that shit outside somewhere or something man. you dont have to smoke it right now lol
  17. Do you have a car? or even a bike? you could just go a few miles away and chill at a park or someshit smoking in parks is super chill
  18. Tell your "RA" (whatever that is) to stop being a nazi bastard & fuck him up at the next opportunity. FUCK THE NAZI CORRUPT POLICE!
  19. [quote name='"Lewis Loves Sku"']Tell your "RA" (whatever that is) to stop being a nazi bastard & fuck him up at the next opportunity. FUCK THE NAZI CORRUPT POLICE![/quote]


    No violence man

    Kill it with piss
  20. Fake pattys day bro? Were smokin out the hotel room. Didn't think id hear any blades talking about it. Sucks about your charge, might see u around

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