Just got a new piece and showing my old one as well :)

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  1. Sup guys,
    First time on the site and I must say the wealth of info and pictures here is absolutely great. I just got a new piece and wanted to see what everyone thought (the smooth green one). Haven't come up with a name for it though so I'll take some time on that. Also wanted to show my older one (blue, bumpy) that I named Norma Jean. I got both from this great place in NYC.

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  2. Your a fan of spoons?

    bong man myself, they both look like solid pieces though. Toke On!

    The Brosky:smoke:
  3. I've been limiting myself to spoons until I move out from my rents place.
    Otherwise I've got some really extravagant bongs in mind haha, once I have the room.
    The place I usually go to down in St. Marks (NYC) has some real quality Roors.

  4. living with rents is a bitch. in the two years since i moved out, i got like 11 new pieces
  5. Both look like nice spoons.
  6. those shops on st marks are way overpriced but solid spoons yo

  7. Oh yeah its kind of bad, much like most stuff in this city
    Prices here are insane
    But this place I know has incredible pieces and elaborate bongs that are really expensive but they look absolutely amazing.
  8. That second picture looks a lot like my pipe
  9. post a pic of it in a week so we can see how it changes colors/resin fills in
  10. Looks like a damn fine spoon.
  11. I used to go to St Marks to buy my smoking devices. Don't be afraid to try to haggle down. If you are a returning customer, they will usually be happy to cut the price down to keep you coming back.

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