Just got a job

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by lightgreenhay, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. I been looking for a job for a few weeks and finally got a call. Ive been filling out apps and no ones been calling me back. Filled one out today got a call just now saying I can start tomarrow as a helper
    finally something goes my way
    not only did I get a job but its a decent one

    Hope I get along with my coworkers and everything goes good
  2. congrats mayne
  3. Nice dude. Wish I had one of those.
  4. Grats man hope you enjoy your new job.
  5. Nice one man, congrats :D
  6. Didn't even have to go in for an interview? What kind of job is it if you don't mind me asking? Congrats nonetheless.
  7. Nice man. I just started my job about 2 months ago.

    Trust me, job = unlimited weed lol
  8. These days... That's worth partying for. Congrats man!
  9. Congratulations:D
  10. good yalb mang you can do eet!!
  11. Weeks?! How? I've been searching for months upon months
  12. congrats bro

    jobs are very hard to come by now. no matter how shitty it is just be thankful youve got income
  13. All right man
  14. Congrats on the job OP! What will you be doing?

    It depends man. Some places it's easier to get jobs. All depends on work history, etc... I've never turned in more than two applications before finding a job.
  15. congrats! I'm searching too.
  16. I guess its all about timing
    I worked a few days so far and its a decent job
    mostly large commercial type job sites

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