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Just got a DUI...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Invictis, May 12, 2009.

  1. Hope this works out for you man. As long as you haven't gotten in legal trouble in the past Volcano prolly right about what will happen, first time DUIs (not DWI) are really not that big of a deal, esp since it's a minor/.01 situation.
  2. yeah and it's weird, on the slip it there's a line that says "Notice to appear in court: Signature ________" and he told me to sign there but I didn't, I doubt that'll effect anything though. I just realllly hope I don't get probation, 6 months license suspension and maybe some community service, I just got back to Houston less than a week ago, great way to start the summer.

  3. This. i got pulled because i was swerving because of some stupid maniac
    on the road and a blew 0.017, less than a unit in my bloodstream they
    had no choice but let me go free.

    in the UK.:rolleyes:
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    You would be dead if you blew a 1.7. That means 1.7% of your total blood stream fluid was alcohol. The highest I have ever seen was .37 and he was comatose. At .4 your heart stops, so no you are wrong.

    @ OP, why did you admit? That amount is low enough you could of said it was mint spray or something.
  5. you were conscious at 1.7?
  6. Actually, from the way I understand the pharmakinetics, as well as math, your BAC IS the percent alcohol being carried by blood cells in your body. So a BAC of .08, the legal limit in many states, means that 8% of what is being carried by your blood cells is alcohol.

    Therefore, 1.7 is 170%, and still impossible. And whoever said .42 was right, that is when you die. But there's many stories of large people blowing in the low thirties after being involved in accidents, etc.
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    I don't think so, the BAC is the relative amount of mass/volume, so 1.7/100 = 1.7% and .08 = .08%. Your body wouldn't be getting any oxygen needed to survive, thus why death occurs well before one reaches that limit. 8% is a lot of fluid that isn't supposed to be in your blood stream.

    Blood alcohol content - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    He would be a record....

  8. i hope yall aren't talking about me lol, I said I blew a .0125, I wouldn't step behind the wheel if I had a .17, thats just asking for trouble.
  9. Alcohol is lethal around 0.13 so you didnt blow at 0.17 or whatever buddy.
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    Not true.

    Please do research before posting, your already on the internet, google is your best friend.

    This took me less than 30 seconds to research and type.

    • 0.03 BAC - Slowed reaction time.
    • 0.04 BAC - Federal prohibited limit for commercial drivers license.
    • 0.05 BAC - Increased risk taking and American Medical Association recommended prohibited limit.
    • 0.08 BAC - Recommended prohibited limit for criminal charges and impaired vision.
    • 0.10 BAC - Poor large muscle control, loss of balance, and prohibited limit in most states.
    • 0.17 BAC - National average blood alcohol level of drivers in a fatal crash.
    • 0.19 BAC - National average for first time DUI offender and of persons who have killed police officers.
    • 0.20 BAC - Loss of emotional control.
    • 0.22 BAC - National average for replete DUI offenders at time of arrest.
    • 0.30 BAC - Loss of orientation as to time and place,.
    • 0.35 BAC - Blackouts and stupor.
    • 0.50 BAC - Published overdose level leading to death.
    • 0.74 BAC - Highest recorded blood alcohol level by a US hospital.

    As you can see the BAC is .5 for lethal overdose as published in medical documents.
  11. and I get arrested for a .012, YEEEEEAHHHH. gotta love Texas laws.
  12. idk if it would mean anything, but mention this to your laywer. he'll know if it'll help you or not. Probably won't, but who knows?

    That's some bs man, best of luck!
  13. Just read that goddam page and you'd get it, but I'll explain, for everyone:

    1.BAC is an approximate calculation of alcohol in a person's blood. It is the weight of ethanol consumed (so % of weight of ethanol you drink, ie weigh you JD and multiply by .4, for 40% alcohol content), this number is then divided by the total volume of the blood in your body.

    2.When dividing mass of the ethanol over the total volume of your blood, you will always come up with an answer less than 1, since your result is a percent expressed as a decimal.

    3.This decimal answer is the Blood Alcohol Content. So a .08 BAC does mean that the concentration of ethanol in your blood is 8%, as one can get a '%' number by dividing your BAC by 100 to get the percent concentration in the blood, in this case, 8%.

    Do you get it now? It is the percent of alcohol in your bloodstream. To think of it as a percent just move the decimal over 2 places in your head.
  14. Sorry to hear about it bro, they got you purely on technicality.

    They are fucking good at that, pig bastards.

    I made this some time ago in a moment where I was frustrated at law enforcement, hopefully it can bring you a small ray of sunshine.

  15. Wtf happened to him?
    Sorry to thread jack
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    Glad you asked, the story is actually quite interesting.

    The cop was at a protest, I forget what city or even what they were protesting, the cop was in his squad car and people where lighting off roman candles. The roman candles, the cop alleges, struck the cop cars hood once. In response the young officer stomps on the gas pedal into a crowd of people, the people manage not to get injured, the cop then gets out of the vehicle and starts pepper spraying and clubbing people. The people respond by promptly beating him down and kicking him in the head. :D Shoulda waited for backup.

    Now I am not an advocate of senseless violence. BUT I think that it is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL to see this kind of resistance to police that exists EVERYWHERE ELSE in the world on a regular basis except our pacified nation. To me it means people still have some fight left in them.

    Moral of the story is, what goes around, comes around.
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    Hmm, I could be wrong but I was under the impression that BAC was out of milliliters, so for every 1000 milliliters of blood there is 1 of alcohol. So really BAC is out of 1000 not 100. So the legal limit of .08 is 80 milliliters. Which would be .8% not 8%? Which would make sense if you think about how much liquor/beer is needed to pass that limit. For like a 200lbs man 4 drinks would put you at about .08 BAC.

    Again I could be wrong but just what I was taught in my AA class and that was a couple years ago.

    But my only question is that 8% of your bodies fluids is a huge amount. If that was the case we would see a lot more heart attacks from alcohol than we already do. Maybe your right I have no idea, just the thought of having 1/3 of my blood stream filled with alcohol is crazy.

    Yea I just checked and BAC is the literal percentage of alcohol in the blood stream. So .08 = .08% BAC. Also each country has different units of measurement.
  18. Think of how much alcohol you actually consume when you drink. It's not very much at all. you have a LOT of blood. I think you'd be long dead before 1/3 of the liquid in your bloodstream was alcohol.
  19. That's what I'm saying...

    What he is saying would be .08 BAC would be 8% alcohol in your blood stream which is a TON.
  20. damn man sorry to hear about your DUI. i'm not gettin arrested again to give a lawyer my cheeeeeesee... haha some zro for ya

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