Just got a big dose of real life

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  1. This has nothing to do with weed at all, but i just need to vent.

    Well my awards ceremony for baseball was last night. We had a new coach this year and he is a complete dickwad. No one in town likes him, but he was the only one that applied for the job since our old coach left. But anyway, our baseball team has always pretty much been sub-par. We went 7-16 or something, which was alot better then last year and the year before. But our coach is an ego maniac that played in the instructional league for the red sox for 5 years before being kicked out for drinking. So basically he thinks he's hot shit because he played "professional" ball. And he absolutely hates the coach from last year for absolutely no reason at all and us winning 7 games this year makes him feel like hes better than our other coach. But last year we wonly got 14 games in because the rain was so bad last year.

    Anyway.. I really dont intend to sound conceited, but i know that i am one of the better ones on the team. I've never been one to brag or strut around the field like im hot shit, i just go to play because i love the game. And this senior year could not have been worse than it was this year. There is so much i could say about our coach, but theres too much haha.

    But there is one kid on the team who is better than me, hes faster, throws harder but less accurate and overall is better than me. But i was number 2 on the team.

    Anyway, awards ceremony comes and we all get the certificate that says we lettered varsity blah blah. Then comes the MVP, 110%, and all conference. The kid that is better than me won MVP, which is obvious, another player won 110%, who probably shouldnt have, but i can see why he got it. Then we get to all conference, i figured i would have had a chance at it, seeing as i made 1st team all conference last year. But apparently my coach didnt vote for me at all because "I was so mad at some points during the meeting that i just voted for the worst kid." The kid better than me got 1st team, our first basemen got 1st team, those 2 were obvious. But then another kid got 1st team for DH, which is a position that he never played. Nor was this kid the greatest on the team, dont get me wrong he's good, but that good. But, the reason he got all conference was clear when our coach thanked that players grandpa because grandpa donated over $1000 dollars to the team. I walked away with no awards.

    I really hope this was fairly easy to understand, i could see if some of this doesnt make sense. But, this is my first big dose of real life. It's all about people you know, having the last name, and money. I dont have the last name, and my family is pretty normal and we dont try and use our money to get things like that, which im sure this kid wasnt indending the same thing either.

    Its just hard to sit back and watch this happen. I know i probably sound all about myself, but honestly this is the only time i ever really feel like this, i know that im good at baseball, its one of the few things that i know im good at. But ive always been taught to never brag. Idk GC, flame me if you want, i dont care. The only good part about this whole scenario is that i know that i will grow up to be something with my life, because after my coach got dropped from the sox, he came back to my town and is now the groundskeeper at the park.

    Life sucks =/
  2. That sucks man, nothing you can do about it though. And it's true, life is so much about connections, whether it's drug dealing or baseball awards.

    It's just an award though...I know that's hard to see now and all but I doubt in 5 years anyone on the team will care about any award (including you) But it still sucks regardless.

    An award is only what you make it
  3. [​IMG]

    Call him Kenny Powers, he will get pissed and it will be really funny.

  4. Yeah i know exactly what you mean, and i know that's going to be true. But for the time being it still sucks ass. I just gotta get used to it =/
  5. Dude its fucking baseball. That's not real life.

    Want to hear my dose of real life?

    I'm transferring back to my old university, and renting out an apartment with my girlfriend and two of my best friends. I need to take out a $20k loan so I can pay for school and my place to live.

    In order for me to do that, I had to get a private loan. But in order to do that I have to get my gov't loan in order. But before I can do that I need to pay my school $300.

    On top of this, I'm getting fucked in the ass by the regiment at my military school. They want me to do 15 hours of extra duty because I haven't been going to two of my classes (they aren't going to transfer and won't count towards my grade point average. On top of this, I have chronic insomnia (sleep a few hours every two or three days), and I have to do all sorts of janitorial stuff in the dorms because I'm a freshmen (by the way, I should be a year away from graduation but this academy didn't accept any of my transfer credits). I get yelled at even when I do things right by kids a year or two younger then me. One of my squad leaders got his position because he has AP credits from highschool. Or how about the squad leader that is 300+ pounds and has no problem ordering me to PT pushups all day.

    I was all excited to get this job working on a ferry boat this summer, but I told them I didn't want the job when I was freaking out from stress.

    I'm pushing two packs a day and am coming to the realization that I'm going to die from cancer like my father and his father before me (if I don't get alzheimers from the other side of the family).

    Constant pressure from my parents about my education and living arrangements isn't helping either.

    Suicide has crossed my mind (It will NEVER come to that, I won't let things get that bad), and I'm pretty much ready to crawl into a hole and disappear.

    Ran out of resin to smoke two days ago, and I just polished off the rest of my vodka.

    I'm facing a $100,000 debt when I graduate with a degree in a field that is saturated with workers, in an economy that is turning to shit.

    I worry every day about my girl coming home from work because our apartment is in a shitty part of town. I only get to see her once a week. I'm going to see her on saturday night, but she's on her period, so sex will be sloppy or nonexistant and she can't trip out when she has her period.

    I'm thinking of going home and eating the 6 tabs of 250ug acid I've been saving and losing myself.

    I've barely eaten in the past 2 or 3 weeks. I'm starving right now but since I'm a freshman at a military school, I'm not allowed to leave my room (not even for a smoke, which I'm dying for right now).

    Just a protip: Sports awards are not real life.

    EDIT: Sorry if I'm a dick right now. I'm bugging out.

  6. This.
  7. Wow, im really sorry for what your going through, i really am. But i didnt mean that this experience was all of real life packed into one fun-pack. Im just saying that this experience relates to real life experiences like it. About how knowing people gets you places.

    Im smoking a bowl for you dude, hope shit gets straightened out for you :smoking:
  8. Thanks, but the only person who can straighten this shit out is me.
  9. I know, but im trying to support you anyway i can haha
  10. I appreciate it man. :D
  11. Anytime :D
  12. I remember at my soccer awards a few years ago a similar thing happened to me. Like you, I was one of the better players on the team. Not the best, but probably 2nd or 3rd. Anyway at the awards ceremony the MVP went to the best player on the team, fair enough. He was striker and scored something like 40 goals.
    I always thought my strengths were my dribbling and pace so when it came to the 'Best Dribbler' award I thought it was all mine. Wrong. It went to the coaches son. The thing is all he did was dribble the ball, he never passed it. I walked out empty handed and I was pissed off for a week.
    I soon forgot about it, because it is such a small and insignificant thing compared to what I'm going to face in life. Seriously, it may suck right now but you will forget it and realise it was a stupid thing to get all riled up over.
    Keep doing your thing, don't expect anything in return and you will be rewarded, in one way or another.
  13. dude holy shit man i always looked up to you and this story that you just told just captured my eyes and i cant stop thinking about it.

    I hope that when i go to college, in this september that i will not face such hardships.

    Hope and wish you the best of luck and happy dorming. :smoking::wave:

  14. Yeah i know.. Thanks though. Its good to know im not the only one that gets cheated. Even though really knew that im not the only one, but idk, you know what i mean haha
  15. Your dose of real life was not winning an award for baseball??
  16. you can say it in that degrading way....


    working hard and aiming for goals you can almost feel, only for someone who hasnt committed as much to win because of a connection. it makes you feel worthless and as if the hard work was for nothing. thats prob what hes feeling

    just keep trying if you dont succeed. aim high and you will achieve high
  17. if you ball harder tman no one can deny you baby!

    good luck alpha, sounds like you've got your hands full man!!! maybe not great time for the acid though seein as you sound so stressed out ;)
  18. fuck yea I'm kenny powers!

    wowowowowowow that's insane alphawolfguydood

    wat's your industry anyways?
    horticulture or something? :p
  19. fixed

  20. Exactly.

    Btw thanks guys for everything, i know its really not something to get worked up about, but all of these responses really have made me feel better :hello:

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