just got a bc chillum!

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by knicks226, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. go to bucketchillum.com its sweet....its a chillum so you can make a waterfall bong out of a bottle....i highly recommend it cuz u dont use a lotta bud yet it makes a lotta smoke
  2. so its just a fancy(not even) bowl piece stuck in a rubber plug making adaptable to any bottle? if so, if i ever were to pay money for something like that, i would pay no more than a couple bucks. sorry dont mean to be hating, i just dont get the point of it.
  3. thats awesome im gonna buy one now!
  4. honestly....
  5. Dude how many of these are people going to post this? I think this is at least the third one i've seen. I smell spamburger
  6. Or! I could smoke this and get maximum smoke out of my pipe.
  7. id rather hit the bub or the bong than a grav bong with the bc chillum. i hate it and its made of metal, makes your weeed taste metalic. if i want a grav bong ill make one with one of my glass slides. stop posting this gay shit.
  8. WOW! According to them I've never experienced getting high until using their AMAZING product. What have I been doing all this time smoking out of glass?!?
  9. Whenever I use grav/waterfall bongs, I just use an air hose fitting for a bowl. Much cheaper, much smaller.

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