Just got a 400w HPS. Plants now not doing well

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  1. Hello fellow gardeners.

    Four pots are under this hooded Sungrow x system and they range from 8" to 1'5" ' distances from the plant tops. The problem is that a lot of the leaves are willted, and some are turning a bright yellow {pictures to come}. The light is pretty hot though, but the placing of a hand atop the plants for a few seconds does not yield in a burning hand. Any help would be greatly abliged.

  2. u shud b able to hold ur hand at plant hight for an hour and still not feel ur hand burning. remember ur plants r stuck under that light and cant move away from it when they start to suffer. do u have a fan on them? it does sound to me like they r burning up.
  3. Turns out that this site wont let me upload my digital pics of my plants. File is to big and I tried to reduce it but to no avail.
    Barnaby, I do not have a fan on the plants. I think that they were getting too hot. I still wonder why the leaves turned such a bright shade of yellow. I suppose that was just them burning. Thyanhks for your input.
  4. might be a nitrogen deficientcy too;)
  5. a fan is good 4 more than just keeping the plants cool. u shud get 1, move ur lite away from the plants fan or no fan.

    it does stand a good chance that ur plants r underfed aswell.
  6. A fan would be a good thing to keep the young ones cool barnaby. I believe the other advantage is to strengthen their main stalks.
    In reguards to the nitrogen difficience; the plants are watered once a week {they are in one gallon pots} and each time I put the appropriate measurement of liquid miracle grow {12% Nitrogen} in the water. Could they still have a difficency Hippie John and others?

  7. yeah, they could still be deprived of nitrogen. how tall are the plants? a fan is also good for keeping CO2 levels regulated:)
  8. Plants are about 1.5-2.0 feet tall.
  9. Hey guys.
    I think not only did my plants get burned by my new light, I think I might have a magnesium deficiency. Not only that, but I think by putting in the liquid fertilizer every time I water has resulted in over-fertilization. Hopefully some epsom salt willo solve the problem.

  10. Flush the pot throughly and let water run out the bottom.
    They should recover in due time.
  11. put them in bigger pots;)
  12. Here they are.

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  13. those arent 1.5' tall, more like 6-8":(
  14. Ooops wrong pic. Here we go.

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  15. could be a cocktail of things........if you've moved the light, ..........you really need to transpalnt them now, as chances are they are rootbound......1 1/2' tall and in a 1 gallon pot is that right?......if so you'll need a minimum of 3 gallon pots, even better 5 gallon pots........the roots need a lot of room to not choke each other.......hope that helps you.......it will be a dangerous process as you may lose them due to the stress of the transplanting, but if you don't you'll lose them anyway..........Peace out............Sid
  16. yeah, whic\h is the lesser evil?
  17. repot them. water them in well. keep the hps well away from them so as not to stress them, at least 2.5ft away. only water when the soil has dryed out to encorage new root groth. only feed every 3rd or so watering. get a good fan and good venting in ur grow room, plants need to breath. when ur plants have settled into there new pots and u move the light closer to them allways keep the lite atleast 18 inch away from the tops of the plants.
  18. I saw another post just a minute ago from this guy about his plants not doing well.... and well dont take this offensive but do more research next time you decide to grow plants... i mean some of this stuff were telling you is basics...

  19. thought that was our job??? some ppl aint got the 1st idea wot ther doin but if they got the balls to give it a shot then i got the time to answer a few daft questions.
  20. Hi guys.

    I really appreciate all the help I am getting. Laccross, I did what I thought was adequate research before starting. I ordered and read "Marijuanah an insider growers guide" by Mel Frank" cover to cover".

    Does anyone know how much epsome salt to put per quart and a half of water, how often to use it and for how long?


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