just got a 3x3x5 grow tent looking for ventalation tips

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  1. so i bought a grow tent that is 3x3x5 and was wondering whats the best way to ventalate this. im putting a 1000wt bulb/refelctor inside and i know thats going to cause some heat problems. im a med patient so i have to option of growing kinda out in the open aka my hallway. so i can just set up a carbon filter to t fan to duct work then outside out tent. but in the summer the hallway gets very hot also. so i would need to put ac in the window. do you think there is another easier way to set this up? new to ventalation and heat problems.
    i do have another closet thats 4.5x3.5x6.0 and a 400 wt bulb makes the room rise 25 degrees so i can only imagine what a 1000wt would do to a 3x3x5. thanks all and any info will be apreshed...
  2. gonna wanna pull air through your hood to cool it down with an inline fan.
  3. A 3X3X5 Tent is kinda small for a 1000 watt bulb you should switch it for the one that 400 is in to give the plants more space. you are going to need to get a fan that can exchange the air faster than the bulb heats it. i use one 6" fan for 2 600s on a controller and the fan doesnt run all the time unless the intake temp is over my controllers temp (75 degrees). so a 6 inch should be fine. but you still need to get the air outside of the hallway. possibly venting in the attic or out a near by window.
    and do what that guy said ^, suck the air out of the tent through the light and into the attic or outside
  4. cool so i should put a 6inch fan >reflector >duct work outside of tent or does it go - reflector 6'' opening>duct work>6''fan>duct work exiting tent? i can attach said fan with zip ties on the inside. the wifey wants the closet back cause i have the tent so i would have just put 1000wt one in closet then 400wt in tent in hall but she wants her closet back lol i hear allot of different answers to this next question i have. i hear that i can do just fine with 400wt in the tent but the 1000wy with give way better results do to optimal light range1??
  5. and what is this controller device u speak of that turns this fan on when it reaches a certain temp in the room? or does that not apply to my set up? and thanks for the info so far
  6. plus i do have a window in the hall that i can either open to ventilate naturally or to put exhaust vent and or ac
  7. so was also thinking of using my band space to put the tent but i have a mice and rat problem and not sure how to prevent these suckers from chewing wires or actually chewing threw the grow tent. besides the reasonable answer - mouse traps/cat/poison/, any clue to keep these bad boys out of my hair???
  8. ^ a cat or snake or dog. lol
  9. ^hamburger time! lol i have a french bulldog but i cant keep him there 24/7 hes my lil partner in crime so he leaves when i leave and the fact that i have the pup means no cat cause he would kill it lol
  10. yes i have a controler that swiches off the fan and dims the speed to keep it at a set temp. you dont really need one. i just metioned it because it kinda proves the fan is enough for cooling 1200 watts
  11. so i have done some homework and believe this is my best route- put a can50(carbon filter) inside the 3x3x5 tent then hook a 6" inline fan to carbon filter. then duct work to the reflector that has 1000wt bulb then duct work from other hole in reflector to outside of tent. any input from others deff apreesh
  12. cool tube is about the only way to do it, and i wouldnt run the filter off it.
  13. so i do have a closed hood with glass lens. one end has 6" opening and the other has 8" opening. i know its not a cool tube but basically i can do the same thing with mine like how you would use a cool tube. do i wanna blow the air out or suck it out of the tent?

  14. You could do this.... passive air intake -> air in tent
    carbon filter -> inline fan -> ducting to air cooled hood -> ducting from hood to outside of tent.

    OR carbon filter -> ducting to hood -> ducting from hood to inline fan -> ducting going out of tent.:)
  15. passive air intake just means a small fan to pull clean fresh air into tent? and thanks for the info
  16. so ca i hang the carbon filter from the top of tent (out of the way of the light of coarse) and attach a 6'' fan to it then duct work out of the tent? will this just naturally pull the heat from inside the hood up into the carbon filter and up and out? im thinking 1000wts in a 3x3x5 is alot of heat and that heat from the hood should be pulled up and out of the tent!??

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