Just got a 1000w hps

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  1. I have 9 plants that are 2 weeks into flower I've been using CFCs this whole time. Also there are above 3ft tall, if I switch from 500w cfl to 1000w hps will my plants be mad? My ballast is digital also so I can dim. It is really important too cause I'm going to be gone for 6 days on spring break, so I don't want to come back to some pissed of bitches.
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    No, your plants will still be as happy as they were before, if the lamp is set up properly. Proper distance and cooling are imperative. The whole lighting & cooling rig should be assembled and tested for a couple days before being used on the plants, in order to make sure temps are under control. That of course wouldn't be possible without another grow space.

    A quality thermostat connected to an air conditioner or other medium to high output cooling device would let you leave it alone for a week without much worry. However, without such an apparatus, it'd be much safer to switch back to the CFL while you're away.
  3. Your plants will explode. They will love the new light.
    Welcome to the big show, you have arrived :)

    Love when I see farmers really step up and grow.
    Somedays it seems as though GC is overwhelmed with micro CFL PC case grows. Sigh

    Best of luck bro.
  4. Thanks, I am worried though. I will be gone parting in south padre for 6 days, i have my ac in my apartment set at 65 F, I will have a ocsillating fan on the closet, and a timer. Should i be worried about heat?
  5. If your worried don't change til u get back. Solved
  6. This.

    I'm sorry but this simply won't cut it. 1000Watters on the average generate a lot of heat. i take it you're growing inside a closet? Unless you can make/buy/get an air cooled hood I don't know how you'll be able to pull it off. I had an 1000w in a closet for a short time with nothing but a fan and temps easily made 100F. This was in the winter mind you.
  7. Alright thanks, its an air cooled hood, but i dont have anything to pass air throught the hood.

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