just glorious when you find weed

Discussion in 'General' started by shank, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. well i am dry and bored so i went into my car to see if i had any bud left. Found like half a bowl under my seat coz ive knocked some weed outta my bowls before >_> . Its good when u get to have that unexpected smoke n got a good buzz goin on wouldnt you say?
  2. nothing like it man

  3. It's great you found some extra bud. My concern would be if you found it, a cop could have too> Keep your chit tight brother. :smoke:
  4. its always kind of dirty but the happiness it brings while being dry is worth it dude.
  5. feign much?
  6. When I was a kid, I would go where my dad rolled his joints. He was a messy roller. I would then collect all the droppings. After a few times of doing this I had enough for a small bowl. Good times that was.
  7. Shit dude, i used to smoke my bowls until its brown (not all the way cashed) so that if i ever went dry, i would have half smoked weed left to smoke lmao. of coure i dont do it anymore :l
  8. hahaha the weed collection stories.
    well i had to pull my seat forward and i stuck my head under my seat and reached behind the metal sliding bar coz i found one piece of bud and there was a hole pile where it fell down the side of my seat lol

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