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Just Getting Off Probation

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by fiercelol, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone. So like an idiot I got caught with herb a while back and got 6 months of probation time with drug tests. I started on October 28th, and get off tomorrow, April 28th. At least, that's when the judge told me I was done, and that's what it says on the papers, that I'm subject to a "paper review" to make sure I did my community service hours and paid my fine, which I did. I don't have to make an appearance. So my question is, am I good to smoke tomorrow? I was supposed to get drug tested over this period, but didn't get a single test over the entire 6 months, I'm just wondering if they can/will test me after this, or if I have to wait for some paper or something that officially tells me I'm good? I live in Utah if it helps. A friend of mine got off 2 months ago, never got a letter or anything telling him he was officially good, and hasn't had a test since then, so I'm assuming I'm fine, but want to make sure. Thanks for reading this.

  2. Haven't been caught by the po-po yet, so I can't give solid information.
    That being said, I'd probably wait a bit man. Like a week tops. You never know what could happen.
  3. Idk I wish you good luck though.
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    when I got off i had the same concern. anyway, i ended up smoking the first day I was off and the letter came almost 2 weeks later. my honest advice is just wait for the letter or at least a week or two to make sure you're in the clear.
    I know waiting 2 weeks seems like 2 years when you haven't smoked in 6 months. yeah, you'll probably be good but is it worth the very, very small chance that something comes up? Thats the decision for you to make yourself.
  5. Why don't you give the PO a call and confirm it in less than 5 minutes opposed to waiting out a letter?

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  6. I'm not in Utah, rather North Carolina. I recently got done with a year on paper supervised, random UA's and all that shit. I completed the year fine, and once I appeared in court the day stated on paper (exactly a year from the sentence date), I was released from the order and went home and smoked. My PO said no paperwork would follow; once the judge orders your probation complete in court, there is no further followup. I had to report to my PO the morning of the court date to dismiss my charges after completion, but she didn't test me, we just went over all the paperwork to make sure I also completed the other court mandated things like the drug course and all fees. No sweat.
  7. Yeah I just called her, didn't get an answer so I'm waiting for her to call back before I light up

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  8. You should be straight.

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