Just germed blue mystic for outdoor.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by thebuzz79, May 11, 2010.

  1. Try to get some pics when they pop.
  2. never heard of blue mystic, im pumped to see how it goes :)

    and by the way im diggin your question in your sig ;)
  3. 001.jpg first of many... hopefully
  4. From what i've heard it should be o.k. for outside, got the beans from .nl
  5. Anyone ever tried blue mystic outdoors, advice?
  6. I know it doesn't get blue color unless temps get low during flowering, but what about taste and quality?
  7. i grew blue mystic last year outdoor she did great i got 5 and half ounces off one plant. good stuff and a nice high. your soil looks really muddy from the pic. what kind of soil is that?... i was trying to find a good pic of my plants but i couldnt find one. Any who i had trouble with nut burns and the N deficiency, i think it was just me being new to growing, but keep us updated id like to see how it turns out.
  8. The dirt is from my veg garden. Last year i put composted cow manure,some rotted bits from a dead tree stump and kitchen scraps. I'm pretty sure its good. I just watered before pic so it might look bad but when I turned it this year it had shit tons of worms.
  9. Thanks for the boost though, I need to move to a grow journel. I'm going to put everything I can on here to help. Not alot about blue mystic ANYWHERE.
  10. Yeah the only reason i bought blue mystic was it was cheap, i was worried i was going to get some shitty bud off it but i was pleasantly surprised. to be honest i thought i was the only person who had heard of it, and then i saw a guy on G C growing it this year and now you. good luck ill be looking in the grow journals for your grow.
  11. Me too it was 45 for 10 and 5 free, 3 bucks a seed with ship. Can't go wrong... I hope.
  12. Just stating to come up, it's been too cool in the house and took forever. It's supposed to be pretty warm and i've been taking them outside to heatem up. I got squirlly and dug one up to see if I got riped on the seeds but one started to open and I could see the root just starting. I should have just relaxed instead of digging but no damage. I'll get some pics when there is something to show.
  13. It's my first grow of somthing worth a fuck and need to just let it ride.

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