Just gave myself a tattoo..

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by Im Steezy, May 5, 2011.

  1. well i was bored as fuck and i figured i'd freehand a little cross on my inner wrist. Its a little uneven and dotty but hey, now i'll remember how big of a dumbass i was for doing this :hello:
  2. did you use a homemade machine with a piece of paperclip at the end ? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahaha
  3. Emo...
  4. hahaha furthest thing from it.
  5. Was going to give you rep if there was a picture, I click this and behold, it's fucking nothing, just words.
  6. pics or it didnt happen
  7. Gah another no pic thread.

    Whats wrong with people, its like they're inviting us over their house to watch a movie but when we get inside you see that the owner has the damn script in their hands and they're just gonna read that shit to you FUCKKKK
  8. we dont even get a picture after clicking on this thread...what a bummer

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