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Just FYI: Fuck Michelin Tires.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BloodLust, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Had a double blow out today and ended up doing $$2000+ Worth of damage to my car because of these shitty ass tires! The rubber is too hard. I slide all over the place if water even touches the road.

    I would advise anyone to at least look into alternate tires than Michelin. I was only going 55 on a gentle curve.
  2. Double blow out? Two tires blew at the same time?
  3. Sue em. Hook me up for giving you the idea after you win.
  4. Well the back left, then I hit a 6inch curb and rode that for about 45 feet ( I couldn't pull out of it ) Like right when the back wheel blew out I turned so I didnt hit it, but ended up sliding at an angle like " |/ " that if you get what I mean. I finally pulled off the curve and got into the middle of the 2 lanes, the front left tire then blew out and we got pulled right back into the curb and hit it going about 30mph, it broke the break-drum to put it into perspective how hard it was.

    Practically brand new tires.
  5. Were they re-fabricated? Was your PSI too low in them? Long term use? Not weighed correctly? There could be a lot of reasons why they blew, maybe someone slit them a little bit lol

    I stick with toyos and rsa's :D
  6. Well, the long term use is a possibility since I bought the car with the tires on it, but that was around 11 months ago. The Toyota dealership puts new tires on all their cars though.

    I had JUST driven through a construction site, maybe 100 yards back from the crash.

    To be honest, a survey crew saw it and said the right side of the car came off the ground when we hit the curb the first time, and we were extremely lucky we didnt flip. None of the air bags deployed either.
  7. Were you driving like an asshole? No offense, but that shit doesnt just happen around a gentle curve, know what I mean? Obviously, glad you werent injured in the accident and air bags didnt deploy on you.
  8. Had you been rotating them every 6-7,000 miles or so? Do you make sure the tires are correctly inflated? Do you always keep your alignment in good shape? Any of these things could cause your tire to wear incorrectly and lead to a blowout. But tbh it sounds like you just rolled over something in the construction site.
  9. #10 BloodLust, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2011
    No man, thats whats crazy! And it pisses me off, we very easily could have flipped.

    Well my car has close to 140,000 miles on it and i had my car serviced about 4,000 ago? Im assuming they did that?
  10. Really intense brotha. Smoke a blunt to that bit of luck:smoking:
  11. oh wait am i in the wrong forum is this car
    plus it wasnt a double blow out it was one blowout then u hit the curb
    u wre probly blazin and droped the roach in your lap and wrecked out
    dont blame your tires bro
    and btw me and my boy gave your mom a double blowout last night! hooowaaa!
    just kiddin bro i dont care what they say about you ur cool in my book.
  12. >.> im dry, and my dealer is 30+ minutes away by car. So im SOL on that.
  13. That's what happens when you put bargain tires on. Were they even rated for summer? What compound were they? Did you check the pressure?

    Before you start blaming the brand, you need to look at things you possibly did wrong first.
  14. Damn man sorry, at least ur o.k and didnt flip most peoples reaction is to yank the wheel and over correct. Next time try to steer into the skid and pump the brakes to stop
    years of driving beater cars with bald ass tires has taught me some
  15. They might top off the air pressure for you. But they certainly arn't going to rotate the tires or check the alignment without charging you extra for it.

    Edit: They might take a look at the alignment to see if it needs to be fixed, but you would have known if they repaired it.
  16. Bummer. Sorry, dude :(

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