Just freaked the fuck out

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  1. So here I am sitting on my couch patrolling the forums of Grasscity when all of a sudden I'm mesmerized and slightly terrified of this little glowing orb of light that is flying around my otherwise pitch black living room. As someone who is high and believes in aliens my first instinct is that there's one in the room with me and the light is something sinister.

    I grab my maglite which happens to be sitting on the couch next to me, prepare myself mentally for what I'm about to see, and shine my light where I believe the unwanted visitor to be. Nothing is there.

    I turn the light back off, the small glowing orb is back. Now I'm really freaking out, because it is heading right for me! I don't know what to think, but I feel threatened by this unexplainable light! It's right in front of me now, so I swat it and feel something small hit my palm.

    I hear whatever it is hit the floor. I decide to investigate. I turn on the lights and realize...

    I just saw my first firefly.
  2. I thought it was gonna be a ghost story or something.
  3. So did I. I felt pretty foolish.
  4. Yeah I was about to say, you were probably
    high and saw your first firefly. LOL.

    His last words were:

    "The ooooorrrrrrbbbbbbb....AAAAAHHHHHH"


    It's okay, I've freaked over magical crickets,
    so yeah...I'm stupid too.


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