Just found two songs Ive been looking for, for at least 3-4 years

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  1. Well Ive been looking for these 2 songs forever and for some reason I found the both of them today. They are just songs Id hear for movies,tv shows, and advertising. Really hard to find since they arent to mainstream at all. But here they are.

    One I found today was the theme song to the old Adult Swim back in there begging.
    Its called Mambo Gallego (D-Code) Remix by Tito Puente. Its got a great jazz/new age feel and I love it. Been looking for it for a very long time now, You can probbly say the first day adult swim aired I started looking for it.

    The second one I heard on the trailers for the movie Vanilla Sky, and in a new Fed-Ex commercial. I also think I heard it on the radio in Gta 2. Well anyway this one is called:
    Looper by Mondo '77. I cant name how many times its been stuck in my head, But im glad I finnaly found this shit.

    Well download them if you want and give them a listen. Maybe I just helped someone out in a struggle to find some song they have heard before lol.
  2. I've been trying to find that song in the HP commercials....with the different colored computers and the big blue walker the guy is riding.
  3. Zidave im so glad you fucking said that I like that one alot too, need to find it.
  4. LooooL....my mistake. I got the brands mixed up. The different colored computers commercial was from a Dell commercial....anyone got that song?

    this song:
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  5. yes! Dude I found it, man im having a good day.
    Its the w.a.n.d by the flaming lips
    the will always negates defeat by the flaming lips

    I knew it sounded like them
  6. **bump**

    Just because people should see the name of the song for the dell commercial.
    Because its an amazing song lol

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