just found some rare vinyl!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by tommydaboy, May 28, 2010.

  1. just scored an original Bob Dylan and the Band "The Basement tapes" in perfect condition

    anybody else wax collectors
  2. yes sir - i have a turntable and i dj sometimes. my prized possession though, would be a bob marley vinyl. i cant think of the name now, but ill take a picture of it sometime soon
  3. i hope you dont scratch that shit, that would be a shame
  4. oh no. i just like to listen to it. i only scratch the shit i buy off ebay or at record stores
  5. good, is it exodus by any chance?
  6. i actually think its rastaman vibration
  7. any bob vinyl is rare in my book, only seen a few in the record shop in all my years
  8. me too - i saw the best of bob marley vinyl or something like that, i bought it. of course. haha :)
  9. of coarse the best hits but never an original studio album like rastaman or exodus
  10. exactly. i'm keeping this baby forever.

  11. oh man thats so awesome!!

    I don't have anything that's rare, but I'm proud of Pink Floyd Animals and Dead Europe 72
  12. europe 72 has a sick sleeve with the ice cream guy, dead albums are always awesome

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