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    that my mom is chill with me and my friends smoking.

    I had a Super Bowl party and everyone wanted to smoke. So i told them to come baked and we'd just hang out and watch the game. Of course there are kids who don’t smoke before and they want to go out after they get there. So I told them just go for a drive then come back. Everyone ends up smoking and then my mom makes us a ton of food so we were all excited about that. The rest of the night goes go and we end up watching pineapple express at half time and everyone leaves after that.

    Fast forward a few nights I go to talk to my mom before I went to bed about some shit. And the conversation goes like this

    Me: Hey whats up
    Mom: Just watching pineapple express (I rented it)
    Me: Oh how do you like it
    Mom: Just a bunch of pot heads running around
    Me: Yea pretty funny though
    Mom: So tell me was everyone that was here high?
    Me: Uhhh
    Mom: Tell me the truth im not stupid...people were coming and going(I decided not to lie)
    Me: Yea
    Mom: Alright as long as there not driving
    Me: Yea no one was
    Mom: Were you high?
    Me: Yea
    Mom: You know you shouldn’t do that when you play sports
    Me: Yea I know but everyone was doing it and i havent in a while
    Mom: Alright just be safe about it.
    Me: I am. Night

    As soon as i got out there i couldn't stop smiling and when i told my friends they were just as excited.:hello:


    What we smoked ^
  2. Thats awesome! i kind of miss the days of trying to hide it from my parents.now i just smoke joints in my bedroom everyday and they dont care.
  3. Consider yourself lucky I have the type of parents who think weed=Satan.
  4. thats cool dude:smoke::smoke:
  5. same here :(
  6. Pretty similar to the way my mom thinks

    that's awesome man, I know how you feel. nice dank too :)
  7. Yeah well my dad is the complete opposite so i just have to watch out for him

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