Just found out one of my friends is gay.

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  1. I was talking with one of my friends from a car club whos gay. He was trying to get me to go out and drink with him, as usual, but Im broke, as usual, so I didnt go. He sounded kind of depressed so I asked him what was up. He told me that he went out partying the other night with a "straight guy". The guy ended up leading him on then not talking to him. So I said he was probably in the closet and just scared to make my friend feel better.
    "You mean like *****? hahaha" is what responded with,
    So I asked "Wait what?"
    "Oops, you dont know? I thought I told you already."
    "No, but now you kind of have to."
    "I shouldnt but if you promise not to tell anyone but *****"
    "She knows? I mean, yeah sure, I wont tell anyone."
    "Hes definitely gay, the other night we went up squaw pass, in the snow, over the hood of his car"
    Thats when I interrupted and said " Ok, no more, I got it, no details please, I wont tell anyone."
    He laughed and said that **** hasnt talked to him since.
    The conversation continued then I had to do shit so I left.

    I cant really say Im surprised but Im still in a awkward state. I mean, this guy has seen me naked in public showers at the local rec center (we work out together). He's tried to get me into multiple 3 ways with him and another chick. Hes a gay basher, closet effect I guess.

    Anyway, I dont really know what Ill do around him. I mean, I definitely wont bring it up or tell anyone, thats not my place. Itll just be hard to act normal and not feel weird at the rec center shower or talking about woman and shit with him. Ill definitely stop the gay jokes though.
  2. Who cares man?? you have an STI!!:metal:
  3. I didn't get it in your post but you've got an STI? Fuck ya dude who cares if your friends gay, you've got an STi:metal:!!!!!
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    Man it's just weird when you find out one of your friends is gay. I have nothing against gay people just when its one of your dudes and they come out gay it just changes things.

    I went to Denny's with this dude I met who works at A locsl headshop. We were smoking chron and go into dennys and eat I wanted to split the check but he insists on paying I prolly spent 6 bucks. I did spend 500+ at headshop and he gets commission. But we go back to his car to smoke more and he goes did u know I'm gay I'm like uhhhhhh ok and then this black dude comes back to car and Im like the fuck. So I dipped and don't go to thst headshop anymore. Im def not gay lol thats weird
  5. I found out one of the closet gays from my senior class does gay porn under a different alias...
  6. At first when they were saying STI i thought sexually transmitted disease.. Then saw OP's sig. lol.


    We've got the same (fairly uncommon) name bro.

  7. Are you gay or perhaps bi-sexual and not admitting it to yourself..?
    many of the statements above are emotively charged..?

    We live in a world where 'WE' can should we desire, has a successful sex change, and adopt kids from deepest Africa, or future kids thru dna manipulation, Hell! I can even MARRY another guy ...should I desire....lol!
    bottom line NO ONE CARES

    You can crack a joke about gays to this gay,,, then slip in ' you better not try that stuff on me!'

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    whats up with the stars I'm confused are they bleeped out cuss words or names protecting the innocent?


    But really if its your friend be a good friend and be supportive. I'm sure it was hard enough on him living in the closet. He doesn't need his friends to start acting different around him now that hes out.

    Herb should be about relaxing and not judging people and their ideas/practices. As all of us smokers in the non MMJ states well know the closet sucks!

  9. Who cares.
  10. [quote name='"loopster"']I found out one of the closet gays from my senior class does gay porn under a different alias...[/quote]

    Haha that is crazyyy
  11. If they're not overtly offensive I wouldn't. I get more offended by people walking on eggshells around the fact that i'm gay than people making gay jokes.

  12. HAHA LOL

    My wifes good friend is gay and he came to our wedding as a groomsman. After the wedding we were all sitting around and drinking and smoking cigars. One of my friends started telling a gay joke around the group and my butt hole tightened up :eek:. But before I could stop the joke and change the subject the gay friend finished the joke for us and made the punch line even dirtier!:D

    So I hear what you are saying. Homophobia is the main problem I think. Once straight people figure that out we well all be a little better off.

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