Just found out my neighbors are growing..

Discussion in 'General' started by Tenninethousand, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Just walking through my woods with some friends trying to find a good place to toke, I found this..


    I don't know much about weed or growing..but I do believe it is budding. I'm trying to decide if I should just take some or be a nice human being and let it be. :smoke:
  2. Lol that dude on the left of the pic is like
    'Mmmmm yes.... marijuana....'
  3. Just leave it alone man, imagine how much it would suck if you were growing and someone took buds off your plant. You sure it's your neighbors?
  4. Don't steal buds man. Taking from the plant is the same is taking from someone's stash, only worse.
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure it is..I believe I've seen his smoking a few J's in his backyard before. But yeah, I'm just going to let them grow and hopefully one day i'll gain courage to talk to him about it..and if he's planning on selling it'd just next door. :smoke:
  6. I agree and thats why I was trying to decide..but that was my first reaction when I just see a big pot plant right in front of me 50 ft from my house O_O.

  7. Understandable.

  8. Take a bud or two near harvest time (not a whole branch). And maybe leave a note saying "find a better spot, you could have gotten robbed easily". Thats what i would do.
  9. Can you tell me if it has little balls on it at all?
  10. Hah. It'd be funny if it turned out to be my parents growing...:eek:. Very doubtful though.
  11. What do you mean exactly?
  12. Around where the branches leave the steam and at the tips of the branches?
  13. Dude, don't take shit!

    That's a small plant....he's not going to harvest that much.

    It looks like there's too much shades for weed to grow well.

    Edit: and yes, it's a female plant...leave it alone.
  14. Just be like "hey, nice plant" and see what he says. let him know your cool with it.
  15. Yea let it be, you might be about to have a dealer next door! If you take it you might ruin that relationship and he may just decide to grow inside and never sell to you.
  16. I'd mention something to him about it. If it was my plant and someone that knew me stumbled around it I'd like them to tell me that the hiding spot wasnt the best and that it was found. A grow is serious business, if your neighbor gets caught he could be in big trouble. I'm sure it's far too late to move the plant now, but let him know for next year if he plans to grow again.

    You should be perfectly fine just talking to him about it as long as you guys would be cool. It sounds like it's just one plant for personal growth and not some big serious thing so I doubt he'd care if you knew about it this late in the season, just make sure you stay quiet about it and let him know you arent going to tell anyone.
  17. i agree 100% with this post......as if anyone cares
  18. definitely let it be

    but that guy has my chemical romance shirt on

    seriously :laughing:
  19. what if he is a medical marijuana patient... You are stealing his meds!

    But definately wait there and once the guy comes back to water it, and he sees you there, admiring his work it can only strengthen your relationship as neighbours (Which is great and he'd prolly ofter to smoke you once its harvested)
  20. you definitely arent "about to have a dealer next door". its one freakin plant, and its not big, seems to me like he's growin it just for the fun so he can get a lil bud, he's not growin mad plants so he can bank or get tons of free bud, its prolly just his lil experiment so leave it alone so he can enjoy what little amount of bud that he gets from it at least. maybe confront him about it once its ready to harvest and offer to smoke some of your bud with him if he'll match you with some of his homegrown so you can see how good it is

    my buddy has plants growin in his yard, the one is about 9 foot tall its freakin huge, but its a male :(. he got a few other female plants that are pretty big too though, i suggested movin the big male somewhere else and making hash whenever he harvests the other plants

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