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just found out my grandparents smoked ~~ lol

Discussion in 'General' started by driggersga, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. wasup bladez, man i was at my grandpas house today and his house is cool cus he has like 30 acres or sum shit, but i rolled up a jay and went walkin thru the back yard and found their old cars, i looked thru the cars and in both cars i found some OLD ass eye drops. lighters, and some cranberry supplements lol! when i got back to their house i was too scared to say any thing cus i was too blazed. and it was funny cus my grandparents are all wholesome family people and i never would have guessed that shit lol.:smoking:
  2. maaaan, youve got some amazing grandparents
  3. ask them.

    my dad and cousins and I were at my grandpas and had him smoke outta the pipe. He did it and coughed and Said "This Shit dont Work NONe":smoking:
  4. That's epic. Both my parents admitted to smoking pot. My mom became very upset when she found out that I smoked; she got over it. My dad does not know that I smoke, but we talked about legalization. Every time we talk about legalization he agrees with it, smiles and "remembers the good times." I smile and laugh and agree. Gotta be round about with that guy. :rolleyes:

    I HIGHLY doubt my grandparents smoked pot. I can't ask them either, they're no longer around.

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