Just found out my Dad smokes MJ.

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  1. Ok so a quick short story..

    Well a few years ago i found a box around the same time we got home from vacay. It had tons of seeds and some stems, a stiff dollar bill, papers, two dugouts, and a wood pipe.. all of which were pretty sweet..

    So a few years after i left a stems bag in my woodshop, and my dad found it.. but he never told me. until like 3 months later. i asked him if he blazed and said no because he probaly was embarassed im guessing (no idea why).

    So today they left for a while. and i tore apart my shop, just to find proof. i wasnt planning on stealing anything. but i just wanted to know for sure he smoked mj.. i looked everywhere. and then just for the hell of it i decided to check under his mattress. he has about an 8th under there.!

    yes, now i know my dads a stoner... i just hope someday soon we can toke together or have no worries of me smoking.. the only reason they cared before was because i was still in high school so they were just worried about me getting good grades..

    sorry for the ramble.

    "like father, like son."
  2. spark him up!
  3. wow thats cool
    i love to hear about responsable adults that toke
  4. yeah i honestly cant believe i found it.. under his mattress of all places.. you think he would be a little more stealh about it
  5. Welcome to the father-son cannabis consumption consortium! :smoke:

    Your life is changed.
  6. I knew my father smoked since I was in middle school. Only recently I smoked with him for the first time. Talk about awkward. haha.
  7. get the dankest weed u can, confront him about finding his stash, and smoke with him:)
  8. i blaze with my mom all the time, we watch weeds together too.

    marijauna: bringing families together since 1967
  9. Why should he have to find a better place? You shouldn't be looking under his mattress, so if you do go under there and find anything if you try and bring it up to him then you have to admit to snooping through his room and looking under his mattress.

    That's why I'm never afraid of putting something there, I know my parents wouldn't waste their time searching in my room trying to find anything...and if my sister were to go through my room and find something she can't really say much or use it against me because then I can say something about the fact that she was snooping around in my room.
  10. yea but if your parents are " anti drug " then who do you think they'll be more mad at, they'll forget all about your sister haha

    and smoking with your dad is awkward the first time, then I get used to it like all my other friends :smoke:
  11. yeah your missing the point..

    i got in trouble for smoking MJ. and this whole time hes been blazing. and parents have the right to snoop in your room if its there house.. to some exent. their house their rules.
  12. If it were me they'd punish my brother for snooping through my things, they'd also punish me a lot worse for what he found. But I know if my brother went through my room he'd want to try and use it against me or something but he wouldn't get me in toruble for it cuase he knows he'd get in trouble too. I don't know, maybe my parents aren't as anti-drug as others.

    And BluntCheefah...you through an idea out there, and stonerchick discussed what you said...sure it wasn't the main point of the thread, but things do tend to get a little off topic. If you didnt point that out it wouldn't have been brought up or discussed.

    But back on topic, he probably cares about you and has his reasons for being hypocritical. My mom smokes cigarettes, and I do to on occasion but I wouldn't do it in front of her or let her know that I do because I know that she wouldn't be too happy. She wouldn't try to stop me from doing it because I'm 19 years old, I can go out and buy them if I want them...but she would be pretty dissapointed and want me to stop. It's because she cares, she does it for her own reasons but she wouldn't want to see me killing myself by smoking cigarettes.

    As much as all of us stoners like to think that there's no downsides to weed, some people need to open their eyes up and see that there are potential problems. Your dad has probably seen some people mess their lives up using weed and he probably just cares about you and doesn't want to see anything bad happen to you.

    If it's his house then it's his rules. He can smoke if he wants to, and he can tell you that you can't. He's responsible for whatever happens there. I know it sucks that he's not cool with you smoking and he smokes himself, but that's life.
  13. i literally just said that
  14. My bad, sorry I reinstated your point. I was just going off on a high rant.:smoking:
  15. Just live your life... Get a job, take care of yourself, blah blah. When they see that you're actually living now that you've made it through HS, things will be a lot smoother. I promise... Just don't seem like a dropout or anything - feel me?

    Later man.
  16. I'm not sure whats goin on, you said you tore apart YOUR shop? Does he have a bed in your shop or was it his bed in his own house? Either way I would confront him, go out on a limb and say dad, I know you smoke.

  17. +rep for speakin da truth
  18. yeah sorry for the confusion..

    ok. our shop is actually our garage gutted out with tons of woodworking tools in there. i went in there to make a piece, and i saw and ashtray and smelled it. smelled like reefer. so i looked everywhere for his stash.. then i decided to just check under his mattress for the hell of it and there was two bics and a 8th.

    anyway they dont care anymore. i should of said that previously also. we actually went to white castle today and he said, "were eating all these burgers, and were not even baked" i tried so hard to keep my cool haha.

    anyway yes i understand its his house and his rules. i never said that i smoke in my house or even bring weed there. its all in my truck lol. so i do respect his rules.
  19. no problem.

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